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Who am I?
July 2013

You've reached this page probably through a copyright footer. My interests are broadly philosophical, psychological, and literary.


footer note: to be fair...

...is, in mathematics and scientific theory, a matter of elegance (and realism); in drama, a matter of presence; in ethics, a matter of due diligence; in writing, a matter of itself—and likely not being one’s own best custodian:

Please let me know about links that don't work or especially if my simply-constructed pages don't load right on your platform. Thanks.

All gedavis.com content is © copyright, current year,
by Gary E. Davis. Fair use with fair citation is OK.
I endorse the Creative Commons.

My suggested citation format is:

Davis, Gary E., [year]. "[Title]." Retrieved [date] from [URL]

(No "http://www." in the URL is necessary, of course).

My URLs will remain reliable (stable, permanent) for citation. I’m not dying soon, but the site future is secure.

I'm for maximal free flow of ideas, but I'm also for respecting due credit. That's the way to foster and sustain a community of engagement. So, I gladly credit sources of influence, for that sake. If I've slipped up, please let me know. I don't need to pose others' work as my own.

Please, let me know what you're doing, so I can be influenced by you !

Thanks for your interest.