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gary e. davis
February 8, 2018

Who knows what the news will be. (That’s not a question.) I have my interests.

But I’m regularly stunned by what happens. Keeping up with daily feeds is exhausting sometimes
(as well as depressing). But I do my best (and I’m basically optimistic).

Yet, my frustration is luxuty compared to what most of humanity endures daily.

The drama of daily humanity is all we are.

And there is never enough economic valuing of community over oligarchy; never enough presence of large-scale leadership in thinking, overriding short-term opinion marketing; never enough focus on well-being that prevails over consumerism.

This Area of the site is not developed online, though I have as much material on leading events to share in this Area as material relevant to the other Areas.

So, what’s a Leading Event topic that’s not ephemeral? Let’s hear it, IMHO, for techumanity,
the Anthropocene, climate change denial, metropolia antedating statehood, the EUnion without the Brits, modernization in Africa, sustainability of the UN (and humanity a century from now), China, Critical Moments (crises), Astounding events going by (then quickly forgotten).

O, let us have a highly enlightened sense of contemporaneity.

Let’s hear about Gary’s life in the S.F. Bay Area. Or not.

Stay tuned—here, too (not that I’m stuck in my cynicism of 2009 that seems well warranted by current events).




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