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gary e. davis
April 8, 2017

As the “sense of site” page notes generally, my sense of this Area is expressed as the constellation of topics to develop.

Who knows what the news will be. (It’s not a question.) I have my interests. But I’m regularly stunned by what happens. Keeping up with everything is draining. But I do my best, and it exhausts me at times. Yet, that is nothing compared to what most of humanity endures daily. In a sense, then, there’s nothing new to say—as if it’s all said every day, to apparently little effect. Who cares?

There’s everything to be said. The drama of daily humanity is all we are.

  Topics that have a page show a link and date:
climate change
critical moment
events go by
a sense of contemporaneity
life in the SFBay Area

2015 and earlier:
  2013 the question of being now
      We are Anthropcenic Earthlings.
  2008 humanistic union as evolving project
      Once upon a time, there emerged the genealogy to now.
  2004 on “evolving”
      We are the race of rivers, heading into radiant gravities.
  2015 being historic
      Leading intelligence, as exemplary humanity, evolves for the sake of humanity—to enhance humanity. (Or at least, LIntelia is good fiction—good idealization).
  2016 American humanity
      President Obama speaks exactly and well for the political humanism of the “American” Idea. He did so at the UN, Sept. 2015, and in Hiroshima, May 27, 2016
  2014 Habermas and the international EU as it is
      How to love the EU from a far home on “The Left Coast.”
  2013 the German question
      How can Germany enable the EU to thrive?
  2007 Habermas and the market for ideas
      Thinking with Habermas about (implicitly) Global Metropolia (hyperNet planet,) a decade ago—which feels now like a life ago.
  2008 “post-secularity” as just modern humanism
      A shareable (learnable) sense of ever-developing humanity can resolve conflict between religionists and non-religionists. The companion of this is “religiously-motivated programs and broadly-public goods.”
  2006 primer on Islam, democratic development, and philosophy
      Islam and democracy belong together in the same shared grounds of evolving humanity.
  2014 a reality of geopolitics: permanent improvisation
      Our evolving muddles on.
  2014 How does inter-regionality evolve?
      for the sake of theorizing Global Metropolia



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