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gary e. davis
April 8, 2017

As the “sense of site” page notes generally, my sense of this Area is expressed as the constellation of topics to develop, though there’s little so far.

Yet, in a sense, there’s nothing else: evolving among Earthlings who are learning how young
We are in the galaxy—yet, around the little planet still pretending that We’re the center of
The Universe—which is perhaps all that “The Universe” can be: that which is intelligible
for “Us.”

The ultimacy of life is mystery.

Yet, imagine a fine cohering of every interest in one’s sight—developed—of every area of
“Our” lives. What a happy thing!

Ultimately, may I be the play.

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      To Absolute Others, Earth itself is a singularity. Love being.
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      Having fun. Wish you were here.
  2014 Of
      So, an acquaintance—who claimed to know about ETIs through someone deeply emplaced within the U.S. National Lab system and NASA—said, “Accept what you can: There are ‘gods’.”



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