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    I’ve been doing intensive work, making good progress. I need to put off updating until late Saturday night.

No. Saying more later tomorrow would be just to keep fidelity to my promise to update about work that I’m doing, by a given “check-in” date, this time June 16.

OK, so I’m showing fidelity now. But I don’t desire to update yet, since I’m very immersed in creative work; and want to make updates worth-while for a reader (and this present self-reflexive note is not).

However, that suggests the difference between fidelity to (or honoring) a promise and desire to actualize the promise. Valuing a norm (promise keeping) is not the same as wanting yet to exemplify the value by delivering the goods, so to speak.

The difference is not, as such, a conflict; rather, another value may be implicit: following through genuinely, not just pro forma. The conditions for owning valued actualization or delivery at some future date can’t always be assured (or predicted) at the time of promise making.

Non-“mechanical” promise keeping isn’t about scheduling, rather about the worth of the delivery. A genuine fidelity can’t happen without desire to make it so—owning the act (not just delivering the behavior) of keeping the promise.

“All in good time,” they say. Being on time well can be unpredictable for open-ended hope. (But making excuses too often makes the promiser unreliable.)

And by the way, making these worthwhile comments about not being ready to update valuably is not ironical, because my intended update was (and is) supposed to be about other things that I’m doing, not just filling this space thought-provokingly (or, perhaps, just entertainingly).

By showing good conscience about fidelity to genuine displays, one hopes—I hope—to counter overtones of unreliability. Reliability is a value that may prevail over (transcend) the values of particular actions.

(Isn’t he someone you’d love to set a date with?)

Next check-in: June 30

gary e. davis

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