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sense of site, as of...-------------------mar 2015
shared grounds-------------------------mar 2015
  These are developing projects providing background context for other areas. What’s obtuse is there to be clarified.

being in Time-----------------------------jul 2014
  planetary commons / progressive life—eventually. The area is barely started, apparently abandoned, but not. This will become populated with many topics.

prospecting born before 2012---------aug 2015

furthermore------------------------------aug 2015
  Vistas are inherently appealling, seafaring intrinsically fun.

-August 28:




I didn’t make goal for a worthwhile update today because a backup hard drive crashed, and setting up replacement ruined my attitude.

Usually, I can pretend that the material world doesn’t pertain to me.

Of course, that’s a good perspective for dying accidently.

If I were a teen, I’d still be immortal.

August 26
First day of the new semester is sunny.

A girl-woman with sunbrella (so fair skinned) saunters to her first session of course tourism.

Everyone is dressed for class. Looking like
fresh goddesses and gods, they go forth, clueless—though glued to smartphone
to stay fully tweeted, whatever.

GPS ensures being located by others and
assures oneself that one is wherever,
assuming that oneself and being for others
are more or less the same, whenever.

Next update: September 2 or earlier

gary e. davis

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