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April 29: a note on liminality of being

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-May 20:



I’ve been obsessed by news about the impending demise of the moron “presidency” (the ambience of which is captured well by “Shields and Brooks” today [transcript]; and the video version there is worth watching).

Now I feel a bit guilty about spending so much time with that, the past two weeks. But it’s all encouraging: The U.S. system is working well, especially the “media” that Mr. Showboat so despises. The NYTimes and Washington Post are heroic. Four months into the Republican circus, and already some Republicans are privately talking about “not talking about” impeachment. The U.S. system can survive the knee-jerk populist election of an egoistic, phony salesman.

In another world... I’m making good progress
with project work (which I don’t want to sum-marize). I want to get on with that; so, excuse me.

Next update: June 3

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