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January 13, 2018

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I’m working about 10 hours per day on re-organizing the Website, which involves more html technicalities than I anticipated. Also,
I decided to include several hundred postings from the past decade which I hadn’t earlier thought to include. This will make the Project intensely personal. So, excuse that I don’t have
a better update now than this and the two old posting links that I added last week (both already available, but worth highlighting).

Next check-in: January 27

January 1 | While organizing past material into my new approach to my project, I came across a posting that I want to recycle. It’s 10+ years old, but I’m surprised and gratified by how relevant and, to me, important it remains: “child’s point,” August 2006.

January 3 | June, 2016, this post-Habermasian, post-Heideggerian conceptual gardener was witnessing a bizarre season of presidential election politics. Who but a philologist would bother to think about the rationality of con-vincing?: “What makes one argument better than another?” (I posted a link to this at Google+ with the header “You too can become a philologist of conceptual gardening.”
Does irreverence proffer invalidity?
No, dear.)

December 30 | Almost there. I was realistic to set an update goal of today. I finished what I expected to finish. But near the goal line,
I realized that there’s a good way to directly associate that with many Web pages and many tens of postings from the past decade that aren’t yet connected to this site.

The conceptual clarity I’ve sought for years is done (except that it’s intended to evolve in light of future readings that will be appro-priated, in that sense being a project never to be finished, like a life, until it ends).

But organizing a decade of work (apart from what’s already available for this site) and writing an introduction to that will take awhile. I want to make it all available at once. So, I hope to get it all done by mid-January (but I’m afraid that my openness to new prospects will engulf the entire month).

I’ll update in a couple of weeks.

December 2 | The work’s going very well. I can’t say anything more that’s briefly sensible and fair to the work.

How about this?: Given that there are 800-1,000 words to an ordinary page, the footer word counts of the several documents I’m mainly working with sums at about 600 pages.

Or this: However large a landscape, journeying through can only happen point by point, para-graph by paragraph. What’s the better path? Connecting points by ground, one can’t really grasp a gestalt of the route. Altitude helps.
A picture is worth a lot. But, if gaining altitude
is only possible through the path—if flying presumes clear directions about how to fly—then, there’s no alternative to designing paths and scaffolds, conceptualities (be they heuristic or primordial) and constellations to realize.

So, I can say that I have many, many, many
points to make, in a manner of conceptual
gardening that is, for me, so much fun to cultivate.

Next check-in: January 27

gary e. davis

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