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sense of site now:--June 27, 2014
philosophy for good--june 7, 2014
  What’s good for thinking durably? (What’s thinking for durable good?)
healthy regions Of community--june 17, 2014
  What’s good for flourishing of our humanity?
critical moment--May 24, 2014
  What’s bad for flourishing of our humanity?
(This area hasn’t really begun yet, but there’s something there. My childish question has many decades behind it.)

prospecting born before 2012
preface--July 15, 2014
  What can I say?
Heidegger and political times--July 2014
  endeavoring to think well about marginality
discursive reading--March 2007
  a hermeneutical hike
Habermasian studies--May 2014--|--1997—
  What’s the singularity of the philosopher?
humanistic union-2007—2009
  evolving continental unions, shared planet,
shared humanity

Mystery of the untitled--2014
  I can’t wait there, tripping on. But I don’t yet have a story of it all here.

--july 20:

I expanded the beginning for my Heidegger-and-politics project, July 15, but it probably won’t go further for awhile—though I have enough material for at least eight chapters.

This site hasn’t really begun yet. But I’m getting close! Old material (“...born before 2012”) is here. Renderings of what I want to do during the coming season (“secondly”) is much clearer, and lots of work has been done offline the past year, which will serve coming years well (yet, growth is never finished). I hope to blog substantively—surely to do more than archive site updates! But this is summer, and I am a little crazy (thank goodness.)

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