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I’m two thirds through what I’ve been aiming to “finish” (re: winter)—maybe three fourths.
But I’m going to wait until I’m finished before putting any of the new stuff online.

The old Areas here (listed at the right) were always intended to be entrances into difficult work, not to be difficult; the opposite: Go as far as you please. I’m sharing a long road, which is, to me, fun.

The new “good thinking” Area (done) will introduce a lot of new discursive prospecting (many tens of book-size pages, maybe several hundred, according to MSWord drafts). The “advancing community” Area (done) will introduce tens of pages of new discussions related to progressive social-political practice. The “being well” Area (not done) will introduce an approach to humanistic psychology. “Conceptual inquiry” (not done) prospects lots of academic work to be done this year. “Being in Time” will be an endless reverie about contem-poraneity, relative to leading news (late 2019?).

For me, it’s all serious fun, which is the ultimate meaning of life, you know. Be well.

I’m sorry I need another two weeks before uploading stuff. I really, really expect that two more weeks will be enough. This site hasn’t been updated for months! That’s driving me nuts.
I must get beyond this winter of crystallizing.

Next check-in: February 23

gary e. davis

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