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June 24: the Brexit vote is not legally binding

June 18: What makes the better argument?

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sense of site, as of...-------------------mar 2015
shared grounds-------------------------nov 2015
  These are developing projects providing background context for other areas. What’s obtuse is there to be clarified.

being in Time----------------------------may 2016
  planetary commons / progressive life—eventually. The area is barely started, but will become populated with many topics. May 27, a slight update was made to the “American humanity” project.

prospecting born before 2012--------june 2016

furthermore------------------------------oct 2015
  Vistas are inherently appealling, seafaring intrinsically fun.

-June 18:



Here on the Left Coast, my view about “Brexit” couldn’t matter less to a Brit—not that I presume any Brit reads here. But it’s worth noting that, after the issue was debated by the storied Oxford Debate Union last week, the audience voted 227 to 79 for “In.” On their side is the International Monetary Fund, the central banks, the UN—and the betting markets. But the people? Hey, that’s populism for you. Do the most intelligent, high-principled and better informed views deserve to prevail?

Today’s “new in site” steers away from all of that
to muse generally about persuasion.

June 10:
A bad review of Heidegger’s 1932-1938 notebooks caused me to do a posting which became a web page, “ ‘Heidegger’ as no mirror of the few and the rare,” which occasioned some revision of my “...political times” page (¶s 3-4) and “...nazism” page (¶s 4-5). I want to stop giving time to others’ bad reading (for a few months at least). But sometimes I can’t resist.

June 4: Trope City News
I’m playing among conceptual scaffolds that are addictive fun (to my mind—probably solely),
but have no easy (brief) sketch.

I made several attempts here to analogize my progress, a short while ago; but each felt reductionist. So, I deleted every attempt.

Time will come soon when textual fleshing flows—frequently. There’s already a good plan
for the long term.

I’m flowing in rapids of detail—like the “flurry” screen saver available to all Apple computers (flowing myself mostly at a moderate rate—
though sometimes a little manic, sometimes
a little sluggish—life!).

The Apple flurry’s floating center is a self-transforming gravity of radiant flowering, flourishing generativity—apparently.
It’s a lovely algorithm, to me a profound dance.

Conceptuality is architextual, proximally.
And primordial love of enacting is—?

I can’t wait to transpose my gardening into sensible displays.

So, I’m not waiting: I’m in flurries of progress pathing ways of flowing high clearly.

May 27

Obama’s address in Hiroshima is notable.

I’m too wrapped up in conceptual technicalities to have something easy to add here. So, I’m sorry
I have nothing new and lengthy for this weekend.

Next update: July 2

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