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Dec. 16: meta-physical news

Dec. 16: vistas in conceptual design
a preface on anthropic singularity

sense of site now-----------------------------------Dec. 16, 2014
philosophy for good--------------------------------sept. 2014
  What’s good for thinking durably?
(What’s thinking for durable good?)
healthy regions Of community------------sept. 2014
  What’s good for flourishing of our humanity?

being in Time
  planetary commons / progressive life

prospecting born before 2012

Appropriations---------------------------------------Dec. 15, 2014
  Vistas are inherently appealling, seafaring intrinsically fun.

-december 16: 2 am: what can conceptual design do?

Gradually is how one does steep climbs.

Yesterday’s note here was moved and revised to become a separate page, “meta-physical news.” The hyphen is a keynote: This is about philosophy of physics.

So, the “sense of site now” page was adjusted, not revised much at the top, more so in its bottom part on “personal development....” But the whole thing is somewhat outdated. I’ll do the “currently” topics soon.

My near-term challenge has been mainly to gain a satisfactory way of writing briefly (proximally?) about topics that have been evolving for years. The months have been fruitful. I’m pleased to welcome winter.

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