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march 7, 2019

Why “discursive living”?
March 23

I’ve uploaded a lot in recent days. Now I’m eager to work in new directions. I won’t have lots more to offer for a month, I expect.
But maybe I will. Anyway, the next promised update that’s substantive will be April 20, if not sooner.

March 20
The March 10 item extends an approach to phenomenality.
The March 16 item attests that pragmatic humanism is integral
to being American.

March 9
What do you read in the silent, attentive listener?
Or the silent, attentive therapist?

March 7
What do you read in a text’s silence?

March 4
“Thinking of Heidegger teaching” is precursory (occasioned by a letter to someone), but a good introduction to my employment of Heidegger. I’ll perform some close reading of Heidegger-in-English, eventually; but probably not this spring. (I did so much close reading—from decades back to recent years of the “Heidegger affair”—that he’s part of the way I am. Yet, I don’t live in the middle of the 20th century.)

Next check-in: April 20

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