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-November 25:



What do you want for your life? Live well? Meaning? Fulfillment? Happiness? All of that, naturally.

Do you live well and/or gain fulfillment better (or more likely) by seeking “happiness”; or do you gain happiness more/better by living well and/or gaining fulfillment? Do you gain fulfillment by living well; or live well by seeking fulfillment?

There’s good reason to distinguish superficial happiness from deep happiness—or call the difference ephemeral happiness and authentic happiness (which is a durability of “happiness”). So, what is “well-being”? Certainly, it’s more than ephemeral happiness. Is well-being better understood as living well (or being well) than through a focus on happiness in general? Is the pursuit of happiness itself misguided, because authentic happiness is the result of being well, not the aim of living?

I feel (and think) that being well integrally includes seeking fulfillment (not mere satisfaction or pleasure), which is what makes a notion of well-being appealing. In gaining fulfillment, Meaning, and actualizing worthwhile values, we are engaged with living, not like healthy plants or animals, but as purposeful, interested, active human lives.

I’ve been working to detail good ways to detail such a view. It’s fun.

The good list of what to want for your life could be endless, but there are regions of being in which all the possible items tend to gravitate: being well, finding and sustaining high meaningfulness (Meaning), gaining and sustaining fulfillment—and having lots of fun.

I’m sure Einstein had fun mathematizing gravity, which now was a century ago.

How we are speeding along in Our evolving!

Here’s thanksgiving for all lovely cohering.

Next update: November 30

gary e. davis

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