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Aug. 4: Habermas as philosopher

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If I regard the commercialism of “social networking” platforms (in the margins and in “pushed” content) in conjunction with the so common frivolity of personal content on them,
I feel nausea in the fingers—and feel thankful
for solitude.

August 4
The above “new in site” posting doesn’t intend to connote that my many hours each day, working for the sake of the future here, “after” Habermas, is basically in light of his work any longer. Rather, his work has cherished partnership for me, while I work basically beyond his rightly sociocentric sense of conceptuality (his integral sociocentrism as, for me, part of singularly flourishing lives).

I’ve organized many tens of pages of conceptual notes (2017-2018) into many groups of accessible and practical themes, based in the conceptual organization.

Now, I’m organizing hundreds of articles by others (reviews, leading news, research reports, etc.) relative to the detailed Project structure.
I already have a large bibliography of academic books to engage in detail.

I expect to be offering new discussions by early September.

Next check-in: September 1

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