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sense of site now:--July 25, 2014
philosophy for good--june 7, 2014
  What’s good for thinking durably? (What’s thinking for durable good?)
healthy regions Of community--june 17, 2014
  What’s good for flourishing of our humanity?

being in Time
  planetary commons / progressive life

prospecting born before 2012

Mystery of the untitled--2014
  I can’t wait there, tripping on. But I don’t yet have a story of it all here.

--august 31: New semester!

I’ve done much offline, thinking of far horizons that clear writing would lead to.

You do want clarity. I have to ensure that my path reaches somewhere well—which I’ve been prospecting intensively (to be in terms of others’ inspiring work, my partnering).

So, little turns up here so far, except too many prospective notes, old material, some revision of old material, and long postings in light of influences that I’m leaving behind (remaining implicit to anything new).

“Does prefacing ever cease? When is there circumspection enough? Where’s the ‘global community page’ you promised?”

It got postponed for the sake of prospecting a lifeworld-oriented conception of globality and value holism, which I want to explicate first. Flourish!—purposefully, Project-ively, fruitfully.

Trends in the news—being in Time—get more of my time than I anticipated. Would engaging news please just stop?

Crises may come and go before good sense of what’s really happening leads to posting that’s more than ephemera. We do have enough ephemera in our time.

In the cosmic scale of things, Our epoch is ephemeral, of course.

Yet, we love life anyway—we must do so—like tall trees reaching for sky despite all weather, beyond intelligent humans’ living and dying: another generation of darlings, then another. The same trees outlast intelligent lives, still swaying with Time.

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