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December 2

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april 2017
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The work’s going very well. I can’t say anything more that’s briefly sensible and fair to the work.

How about this?: Given that there are 800-1,000 words to an ordinary page, the footer word counts of the several documents I’m mainly working with sums at about 600 pages.

Or this: However large a landscape, journeying through can only happen point by point, para-graph by paragraph. What’s the better path? Connecting points by ground, one can’t really grasp a gestalt of the route. Altitude helps.
A picture is worth a lot. But, if gaining altitude
is only possible through the path—if flying presumes clear directions about how to fly—then, there’s no alternative to designing paths and scaffolds, conceptualities (be they heuristic or primordial) and constellations to realize.

So, I can say that I have many, many, many
points to make, in a manner of conceptual
gardening that is, for me, so much fun to cultivate.

November 4

I’m too busy to do substantive updating.

But I’ll at least update the update date here,
so you know I’m not forgetting that I’m failing
to make your new visit here novel.

Next check-in: December 30

gary e. davis

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