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Sept. 27 / 29: being historic

Sept. 28: American humanity

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sense of site, as of...-------------------mar 2015
shared grounds-------------------------sep 2015
  These are developing projects providing background context for other areas. What’s obtuse is there to be clarified.

being in Time--------------------------sep 29 2015
  planetary commons / progressive life—eventually. The area is barely started, but will become populated with many topics.

prospecting born before 2012---------aug 2015

furthermore------------------------------aug 2015
  Vistas are inherently appealling, seafaring intrinsically fun.

-September 27 / 29:



...Early autumn, early in a century, the global species strives to make history, then to practically remember having done so. Global work of Our evolving (the UN “being historic”) is perhaps only renderable as risky work of art. Call it a conception of telesis?

Sept. 28
I’ll develop a notion of American humanity eventually. Today is a beginning.

Next update: October 10 or earlier

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