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Oct. 12: oakland note about constitutional law

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October 12

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I’ve given lots of time, the past couple of months, to commenting at news articles, especially New York Times articles and the Washington Post. I keep a copy of each comment, because I carefully write my comments before posting them. That has resulted in a large archive of comments (over 45K words, so far) that I’ll love to organize into topic areas someday (or weave into upcoming topics).

The fun continues, exemplified by today’s “oakland” posting cited above.

October 8
capsulation no longer eluded: below the end-of-September note...

And by the way: Vote!

September 29
I’m too immersed in current events (and the Project) to have a substantive update.
Maybe later in the month.

I’m having philological fun with years of notes.

I’m addicted to political theaters of U.S. politics and global affairs. Oh, Ford vs. Kavanaugh vis-à-vis the wonderful ethos of #MeToo in the silly era of Trumpism!

Yet, I’m excited by a sense of futures.
But that eludes capsulation.

October 8
News that Google+ is closing down caused me to post the following there (modified now for here):

If you have conceptual interest in individuation, creativity, phenomenality, tropology, literary humanism, conceptuality as such, metaphilo-sophy, post-logocentric philology, standard topics in theoretical humanities (e.g., value theory, philosophy of mind, cultural psych-ology, theory of “Truth” [in standard philo-sophical senses]), pragmatism, bioscience, anthropology, metascience, public policy, historiology, Heidegger, philosophy of education and health care, philosophy of law, Jürgen Habermas, evolutionary theory, political progressivity, community development, good government, planet management (sustain-ability), S.E.T.I., and enough writerly eccentri-city that I risk losing credibility, re: views on
all of the above areas, then do stay in touch.

After all, the ultimate meaning of life is to
have fun.

Next check-in: October 27

gary e. davis

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