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sense of site now------------------------------------mar. 22, 2015
shared grounds------------------------------------mar. 22, 2015
  These are developing projects providing background context for other areas. What’s obtuse is there to be clarified.

being in Time------------------------------jul. 2014
  planetary commons / progressive life—eventually. The area is barely started, apparently abandoned, but not. This will become populated with many topics.

prospecting born before 2012-----------sep. 2014

Appropriations--------------------------------------------Dec. 2014
  Vistas are inherently appealling, seafaring intrinsically fun.

-March 31

I’m writing a lot, but don’t have a distillation for presentation.

Creative process is wonderful, like hiking: The further out into the landscape one goes, the more time there has been to be covered in writing home cogently—or not, rather trusting that friends will later welcome a long saga.

gary e. davis

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