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sense of site now:--July 25, 2014
philosophy for good--sept. 18, 2014
  What’s good for thinking durably? (What’s thinking for durable good?)
healthy regions Of community--sept. 17, 2014
  What’s good for flourishing of our humanity?

being in Time
  planetary commons / progressive life

prospecting born before 2012

Mystery of the untitled--2014
  I can’t wait there, tripping on. But I don’t yet have a story of it all here.

--november 23

It’s good that the flow of ideas goes well, right? But then, each “self-contained” note has to be routed to an associated project(s)—or, “God forbid” (what an idiom), initiate a new project (way too many already). But that routing process becomes creative, too; so, all of the existing notes don’t get processed one day. Next morning, more flow happens before/while old ones get processed. So, one step forward (practicality), two steps back (more fun) faces additional need for very ordinary things to get done, you know. Lifeworld!

Anyway, many notes before routing tend to gravitate into groups with such multi-project relevance that they get shifted into a growing list of unrouted new theme groups. I generated 19 of those, the past week. (And how many projects are there? Don’t ask.)

But self-imposed dates for posting and guiltfully wanting fidelity to promissory notes is good.

Also good is avoiding non sequiturs in posting. But zig-zag works well in free associative generativity, so to speak, if substantial routing does get done.

Now, the notion of a non sequitur is interesting unto itself. Also, at last getting to a clear notion of “good” would be felicitous. Think I need a baseline theory of organized flourishing? What about the difficulty of an appropriate, modulated perspective on the past?

If transnational governance can’t be basically populist, such that good government at planetary scale isn’t wholly “democratic,” what’s good government?

We say “higher education,” but what’s exactly higher? What’s the highness?

Valleys look so lovely from heights, which can’t exist without the lowlands. So, proffering a highland is no alienation from lowland. The middle way, they say.

Greater good for better humanity begins with more practicality for valuable results.

gary e. davis

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