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sense of site, as of...----------------------mar 2015
shared grounds----------------------------nov 2015
  These are developing projects providing background context for other areas. What’s obtuse is there to be clarified.

being in Time-------------------------------may 2016
  planetary commons / progressive life—eventually. The area is barely started, but will become populated with many topics. May 27, a slight update was made to the “American humanity” project.

prospecting born before 2012----------june 2016

furthermore---------------------------------oct 2015
  Vistas are inherently appealling, seafaring intrinsically fun.

-November 26:



Nothing to add. Sorry.

November 12
I want to forget the stunning, ultimately uncanny, week of the election. But I’m still not ready to
give writing time online to what I’m developing. I’m flourishing—which may seem pointless to say. “Show me.” Indeed. Soon.

I thought of doing a discussion of uncanniness.
I hope mere mention of that gives you a smile. Uncanniness of the days: beyond irony.... Later.

September 24
Summer ends. So, here’s “the last apology for trivial update notes.”

Welcome autumn (in the northern hemisphere).

Next update: December 10

gary e. davis

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