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February 24, 2018

recent weeks

sense of site, as of...
february 22, 2018

february 8, 2018
being well
• enjoying life

february 8, 2018
conceptual inquiry
• pursuing high fun

february 8, 2018
good thinking
• virtuously enabling

february 8, 2018
advancing community
• causing excellence

february 8, 2018
being in Time
• adapting fruitfully

february 8, 2018
• adventuring ultimately



I promised a check-in today, but I have nothing new to add online. Everything’s backstage development again.

Feb. 9
I added 850+ pages and postings, thereby organizing 13 years of improvisations as past. The Web site has been reconceived, and a new sense of going further is completed.

Next check-in: March 10

gary e. davis

Update notes of the past are a blog category.