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august 24: Dialectical defaming

sense of site now:--July 25, 2014
philosophy for good--june 7, 2014
  What’s good for thinking durably? (What’s thinking for durable good?)
healthy regions Of community--june 17, 2014
  What’s good for flourishing of our humanity?

being in Time
  planetary commons / progressive life

prospecting born before 2012

Mystery of the untitled--2014
  I can’t wait there, tripping on. But I don’t yet have a story of it all here.

--august 23:
Introduction to Heidegger.” Actually, it’s a matter of introduction to thinking deeply about your life. I’m responding there to a query from a grad student who wants to dwell with Heidegger’s ways.

august 17: I do not want to get more involved now with Heidegger and his political times. But I’m drawn into it some more, reticently: “Nearing fear and trembling in Germany, 1938-1941.”

july 29:Philosophical living as event of appropriation” is a thought experiment done in light of close attention to a June 2014 interview of Habermas that exemplifies a condition of distance between philosopher and public intellectual. Communicative bridging is an event of appropriation (philosopher in public), yet also an ongoing invitation (philosopher to public) to dwell more broadly or intimately or complexly with respect to lifeworlds' real complexity, potential, and scale.

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