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------November 19, 2015
        gary e. davis


There’s no better overview of Heideger’s Contributions to Philosophy than what’s done by the executor of Heidegger’s literary estate, F.-W. von Herrmann, who was also Heidegger’s Personal Assistant through the last decade of Heidegger’ life.

My letter to a friend, a professor of Philosophy who is a Heidegger scholar, is relevant here, though not wholly about Heidegger’s monograph. The letter is apt, though, before reading von Herrmann’s synopsis. In short, what Heidegger did with private notebooks during the late 1930s is marginal to, yet relative to, Heidegger’s efforts to shape a new beginning for philosophy (and also to develop a severe critique of ideology, especially in terms 0f how techmodern machination was a totalizing [and ultimately scapegoating] politics).

letter to a friend | November 2015

the best overview of Contributions to Philosophy: from enowning


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