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gary e. davis
  March 12, 2017

This section of my site project will be (is) fun to develop. “” dwells in detail with Heidegger’s notion of “Ge-Stell,” a page which was revised January 17, 2016; otherwise this page is unchanged from August 2015. “Fourfolding” prefaces a future venture in thinking through the entirety of “her constellating.”

I’m linking again to two postings (also at my “introduction...” page) because I intend to dwell here with “the thing” and “experience...,” more prefacing.

  1/17/16 originary flow, conceptual design, and concerted cultivation
      How might an advance of poiesis, logos, and ethos show singularly?
  8/17/15 fourfolding
      Heidegger’s notion of fourfold (or fourfold figuration) is a conceptual scaffold that can have many analogs for conceptual prospecting—without ontologism or supernaturalization of conceptuality
  8/5/15 her constellating
      She’s everything: what poets are for, originary Opening, the regioning of that which regions...
  5/11/14 things of Appropriating

My posting links to a PDF of “The Thing.” Later, the link will be to my own venture with his presentation. I think of the jug as a chalice of gathering voices, like an authorship. The thing is what’s there: singular text about something. It lives as writing in singular reading.

  3/12/17 on “the experience of thinking”

He’s rigorous with his choice of conceptual commentary on his forgettable little poem (imagistic verse). He intimated near the end of his life, 1973, that something singular about his thinking is here (1947). I think there’s much to gain by dwelling with his conceptual commentary. Someday, I want to think with it online extendedly.

And then, I don’t know. But I’m on the way to dwelling here with his most difficult conceptual work, such as “Time and Being.”

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