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gary e. davis
  August 17, 2015

This is so fun. Eventually, I’ll confess an elaborate sense of Heidegger’s fourfolding which derives from work I did in the mid-1990s.

  8/5/15 fourfolding
      When I deleted from my 7/9/15 posting all attention to Mitchell’s book description, deleted my comments on Being and Time, deleted all ranting about scholastic marketing, and focused on fourfold itself, this posting resulted, over several days.
  7/9/15 Will Andrew Mitchell show great insight into fourfolding?
      This could only be written before seeing his book. A later posting below will deal with how wrong I must have been here, as well as how apt I may have been. I’ll face the music. (I won’t revise the posting after the book appears.) But I’m more interested in going my own way than being critical of others’ good work—and I know from his annotated table of contents that it is very good work.
  8/17/15 journaling Andrew J. Mitchell’s The Fourfold
      on the way to a companionate wayfaring: a preface (so far)




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