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gary e. davis
June 5, 2017

[This page is the same as its April 8 version, except for “The Project itself,” which has been made a bit clearer at several points.]

Each of the six Areas of the project—The Project (as proper name; I’ll find another someday)—have listed a group of topics that will be developed; and a listing of earlier discussions that are associated with the Area, mainly relative to the topics to develop that define an Area (an Areality). In the meantime, earlier discussions serve to give an Area an initial character. Altogether, The Project presents itself proximally as six characters of discursive engagement in a singular identity.

Ultimately, I enjoy pure prospectivity. But this site is intended to be relatively practical, in terms of concepts, issues, etc. that standardly matter (for the most part: I also play easily—but with all due respect, I hope).

The following short discussions are not necessary for making good use of the site. Each Area page speaks accessibly enough to be useful.

New topic pages, topic developments, and major revisions will be noted on my home page at the upper left “new in site” point. The upper right “recent weeks” link on the home page covers the current season.

So, going further now, I’ll be a little tedious (anxiously) and a little excessive (happily)....

somewhat tedious short discussions:

somewhat excessive short avowal




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