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gary e. davis
August 30, 2020
During the August DNC, Barack Obama reminded folks that “embedded in [the U.S. constitu-tion] was a North Star that would guide future generations; a system of representative govern-ment—a democracy—through which we could better realize our highest ideals.”

There’s no Archimedean Point in reality, but we make gravitational, centripetal appeals—
high ideals—that overridingly orient our journey of evolving better lives, and investing in futures that we’ll not live to enjoy beyond imaginative fulfillment of “work in common purpose” (Biden).

Horizonal appeal of high ideals depends on their being kept overridingly oriental for the good of better lives sooner than later; and oriental for investing in future generations who may presume what we only imagined unborn futures could be.

A system of representative government is not a populism. It’s a deliberative and implementive architecture whose legitimacy depends on enlightened voting.

“In a democracy, the right to vote is sacred,” Obama avows. But we’re at risk of holding nothing sacred. The importance of sacredness has been diluted into cliché.

That is a problem, because sacredness is about guiding stars of importance.

We live in an incomprehensibly plural humanity increasingly at risk of having few common stars, let alone a north star about our Earthanity: the only tangible heaven there is.

Sacredness is not at heart about religious life. Rather, ancestral organization of culture by religiosity instituted sacredness by mystical instilling of what are the stars and which ones are to be overriding guides. That was good, for its time. Indeed, if anything deserves to be regarded as divine, it is our humanity securing guidance by the stars. Yet, reason for humanity’s “revealed” Telos is by reason of humanity advancing enlightenment.

The nature of sacredness is our capability for scaling importance to the “level,” the implicature of Our humanity. We hold the grandest truths self-evident, because they express our humanity as such.

An open principle of universalization for norms is ultimately hope guiding ecumenical commitment to evolving humanity, where learning and likely re-conceiving is to never end.

Disorientation from the north star of our humanity disorients our capability for making good lives. Sacredness engages us in the high importances of our potential to be well and to flourish, relative to all scales of appreciation: holism of life and world.

Fair explication of a good conception of democratic life in Our evolving is a daunting chal-lenge, of course—an academic specialty, beyond the scope of my discussion here. But I gen-erally view good government as genuinely demophilic, rather than, all in all, literally democratic through all its levels of systems.

Democracy, purely conceived, is a face-to-face matter, which aggregates (by valid procedure) into legitimate administrative systems, thanks to genuinely progressive, distributed leadership (which ensures procedural validity). The more complex the systemic level, the more indirectly democratic is its legitmation. The legitimacy of good government belongs to valid (knowledge-able, astute, competent, and deliberative) processes that legitimate its systemic efficacy across all modes of political appreciation: realities of lives, community, technological systems, healthy regions, elections, global economics, within all of which government is a legitimately facilitative and regulative partner.

Complexity invites public cynicism. Therefore, education by leaders is essential to good leadership. Educational leadership advances the degree of democratic efficacy that is possible for legitimate government’s demophilic commitment.

Therefore, Biden is being quite enlightened when he avows a bond of love among us with love of nation, “united in our love for America and united in our love for each other.” It is a poten-tial of our humanity to make this bond sacred, born from and based in the nature of being human potential for divining our presence.

The governmental complement to sacredness of one’s right to advance democracy is sacred-ness of government’s orientation to the valid will of its “good and decent people” (Biden).

Truly demophilic government engages in comprehensive expansion of democratic efficacy
as much as feasible, by sanctifying its purpose to serve our “promise in full” (Biden). That’s
an accountable pledge that belongs to the conception of good government—especially through rational transparency across levels of systems (a theme I’ll return to later).


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