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gary e. davis
October 12, 2020
lucidity, authenticity, fidelity, aspiration, engagement, appreciation, exemplarity...

No list of life-oriental values can be complete, but the above list exemplifies a sense
of importance for cohering virtue, humanity, and political identity (at least for an American with conceptual issues).

reinventing good society

  clarity of mind
  lucidity of astute reasoning
authentic values
sanctity of principled institutions
shared goods of transpersonal humanity
instilling and supporting a communitarian ethos
  environment (ecosphere) of praise
ethic of care for enabling community life
supporting genuine hopefulness
communitarian leadership
for good society leading itself
  lifelong love of enhancing humanity
public policy for pacing progress
progressive leadership
democratic leadership
august Democrats
  The DNC four on engagement, August 2020
electing for good, late September
historizing as making history


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