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gary e. davis
February 2021

This practical Area is implicitly in light of discursive engagements. This Area also backgrounds upcoming discussion of topics that will background the news-oriented “being in Time” Area.

progressive practice -|- July 2020
    This is presently 12 topics, most of which have several subtopic discussions.
democratic America-|- February 2021
    on being an “American,” political virtue, and progressive pragmatism as a practice.
recent, relevant page/postings
    American humanity -|- March 2019
people, nation, nationality, nationalism, transnationalism -|- February 2021
the challenge of humanistic union for the confederated planet -|- February 2021
journalism of integrity for educational leadership -|- January 2020
a venture in progressive pragmatism -|- September 2019
prefacing a detailed sense of humanistic ecopolitics -|- April 2019
a sense of cultural economy and global order -|- July 2019
for progressive engagement with corporate concentration -|- December 2019

Relevant new material will be listed here and, for a week or so, at the “new in site” point
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