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Who am I?
February 2019

You've reached this page probably through a copyright footer. My interests are broadly philosophical, psychological, and literary.

If you want to know more, beyond what you find through this site, I welcome that! E-mail me.


footer note: to be fair...

...is, in mathematics and scientific theory, a matter of elegance (and realism); in drama, a matter of presence; in ethics, a matter of due diligence; in writing, a matter of itself—and likely not being one’s own best custodian:

Please let me know about links that don't work or especially if my simply-constructed pages don't load right on your platform. Thanks. Learning never ends, you know.

All cohering.net content is © copyright, current year, by Gary E. Davis. Fair use with fair citation is OK. I endorse
the Creative Commons. The entire site is periodically archived in a date stamped manner to know when material
was first available.

My suggested citation format is: When text by me is quoted, the format with link "...‘[quoted]’ (Davis, []year])..." or (Davis, month, year]) links to the url of the page that the quoting is from.

For Reference lisings or Bibliography citation:

Davis, Gary E., [year]. "[Title]." Retrieved [date] from [URL]

(Inclusion of "http://www." in a URL isn’t necessary anymore, of course).

My URLs will remain valid “forever,” at least as re-direct URLs in evolving projects. Let me emphasize: The urls are reliable for citation. (Items first posted in 2004, for example, still have the same urls.) Pages may become slightly revised, but not much nor often, because I consider most pages as archival. Related new material gets a new page, new URL. Many pages will eventually be expanded or/and revised for a book, but the urls will remain (referencing the correlate item in hard-copy publication).

I'm for maximal free flow of ideas, but I'm also for respecting due credit. That's the way to foster and sustain a community of engagement. So, I gladly credit sources of influence, for that sake. If I've slipped up, please let me know. I don't need to pose others' work as my own.

Please, let me know what you're doing, so I can be influenced by you !

Thanks for your interest.