being in Time

    daze of our evolving: a sense of the Area

gary e. davis
February 2019 / March 2020

I’m regularly stunned by what happens. Keeping up is exhausting sometimes, as well as depressing. Yet, my frustration is luxury compared to what most of humanity endures daily. But I do my best to be basically optimistic.

The “being in Time”Area of the Website will develop Leading Event topics—which is not like ephemeral advents, i.e., like what’s important merely for some given week in The News. Examples of Leading Event topics are better phrased as large-scale themes: techumanity (I like the rubric “hyperNet City”), metropolia antedating statehood, modernization in Africa, sustainability of the UN (and humanity a century from now), Critical Moments (long-term crises), and the Anthropocene (our planetarity).

There’s never enough economic valuing of community over oligarchy; never enough presence of large-scale leadership in thinking, never enough overriding of short-term opinion marketing; never enough focus on well-being that prevails over consumerism.

I have a large archive covering tens of topics to develop here, not all fitting into notions of Leading Event, but all serving my interest in our conditions of being in Time. I could simply list my upcoming foci, but that’s not very informative. You know what the leading issues are!

A recent project that is relevant to this Area is “astute reasoning and ‘fake news’.” I’ve linked to parts of this project in above Area pages. That project exemplifies my hope to embrace all of the Areas of this Website by working with specific topics, echoing the value “Think globally, act locally.” Another way to put that is: Think holistically, act specifically.

If you want my opinion about Leading Events—I presume you don’t (IMHO)—then you might wonder: What’s the background basis for that view? The four other Areas of the Website are addressing that, not yet systematically (on the way to conceptual formality), but I’m on a way to there.



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