being in Time
days go by
  humanity today
gary e. davis
February 7, 2022
We never had a comprehensive enough conception of Our presence, not that we cease trying: so many conceptual inflations (e.g., “Being,” “God” of gods) mirroring aspiration to understand comprehensively for the sake of long-term confidence (reliabilism) for orienting lives.

Days go by from which we want hints of emerging trends which can give investments of one’s time long-term confidence; or give theories of It All credibility.

Lives come and go, at best leaving a mark in one’s era that later retrojective narrators may include in their pointillism called the history of their special tropic that suggests some telos, or even evolutionary efficacy.

The marks, the deservedly famous lives, were forgotten in their old age, until they die and then, yes: We remember—and forget again, because we are still alive
in want of making life durably worthwhile, if not memorable—at least paying forward to heirs’ better chances for higher flourishing?

Here is the news
: Ukrainians prefer an EU sphere of influence, when given
the choice. But a soviet mind can’t tolerate loneliness, nor accept mere égalité
in continental society. (Stoking internal EU division assures Vladi that he matters.)

Germany hesitates to confront Russia again, fearing recollection of its
20th century.

The waning pandemic has proven that collaborative global leadership—united nations—can efficiently and fruitfully address planet-scale issues, while Earth continues to prove that extinction can be the prevailing story of any form of life.

Capitalist avarice continues to drive global warming, war, and gangsterism, which drives migration into avaricious territories.

Hundreds of children are dying of starvation daily in Ethiopia, Yemen, Afghan-istan, and godknows where else because the daily trillions of capital flows are busy.

The U.S. National Archives continues to piece together the golf club king’s document-destructive tantrum remnants.

Canadian truckers protest vaccine mandates, yet thousands of persons die daily from mythical fears of medical expertise.

The NY Stock exchange is recovering from a brief slump. Tea leaves portend
waning of inflation in a “fully” employed economy. (Everyone is indeed very busy.)

Scarlett Johannson and Colin Jost star in a hilarious Super Bowl ad, because life is sport in games with evolving rules.

Drought and wildfire risk continues for the western U.S. winter—and everywhere else every season.

Biomechanical advances are giving mobility to spinal cord-injured persons.

A.I. is learning to design itself.

The global hyperNet metropole has no idea what it’s becoming (and no unified voice to express comprehensive dismay about Our busyness—save the U.N. General Secretary—and the Pope).

Rogue planets and tiny black holes continue to show up. Asteroids circulating with Earth’s orbit probably don’t host extraterrestrials awaiting humans to evolve enough to welcome the shock of recognition that They are—and are ultimately patient (very post-biologically so), while astrobiological research is quickly discerning goldilocks points at stars far away.

The James Webb telescope is becoming so cool, it may witness the First Light of this universe, which the Large Hadron Collider may prove to be merely one
among many.

In any case, the gods remain silent.



  Be fair. © 2022, gary e. davis