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gary e. davis
September 2020

    “being well” in relation to “well-being” -|- March 16, 2020
    Most persons have no overt notion of being well other than “to live well” or to embody “well-being.”

    aspects of being well... -|- February 2019
    ...that I want to highlight as background for future topics. This project indicates 23 topics, some briefly as sketched themes, others discussed some; and a few topics are not yet discussed at all, yet are very important for later. The sketched themes will be made into developed topics, the discussed topics will be elaborated, and the named, undiscussed topics will be developed and discussed.

For anyone, I suppose, the most important aspects of being well at least implicitly anticipate gaining a wholly flourishing life.
    good_ life
    authentic self determination -|- August 2020
    Hope for more goodness springs from love in resilience for who we want to be
relative to ideals. This is part of a prospective venture relative to the 2020
Democratic National Convention.
    aspiration -|- Sept 2020
    belonging -|- Sept 2020
    reliable intuition and thankfulness -|- Sept 2020

    genuine interpersonal life -|- August 2020
    It’s about appreciating importances aptly in mutual interaction. This continues prospecting in light of the 2020 DNC.
    living genuinely -|- Sept 2020
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    being well during a pandemic -|- May 2020

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