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  aspiring appreciability

gary e. davis
August 18, 2020
Analogous with phenomenality itself, appreciability is 3-fold: capability[1] to appre-ciate, openness[2] to appreciating, and receptiveness (openness) of the other[3] to being appreciated.

So, appreciability is a mirroring window: presence appreciated. More specifically: Appreciability is mirrored (showing[2] capability[1]) windowing (dis-covery[2[3]]) thereby “of “ presencing[1[2[3]]] appreciated.

The other may be inanimate (something), so “its” receptiveness / openness is imputed (personified) as itself being there (in light of appreciated individuation
of early experience when all phenomena were like other persons intending).

The mirroring window of appreciating phenomenal appeal is in a phenomenal 3-fold of presence, mirroring[2] phenomenogeny[1] as the given[3] present. In other words, phenomenal appeal is capability[1] mirrored[2] “by” (in/as) “self-“showing present[3]: the presence. Appreciability shows as there being what’s appreciated (which is devel-opmentally—begenically—derivative of appreciatively knowing others in one’s life).

Neonates (infants) feel the intrinsic appeal of openness in their first hours, and quickly become a child aspiring beyond its capability because endless novelty of others is joyous. Enhancing receptiveness and responsiveness to others is intrin-sically appealing, and satisfactions become preludes to soon (if not immediately) wanting more.

A child’s intrinsic interest isn’t yet capable of much insight, of course (relative to years to come), yet interest is intrinsically Self enhancive (i.e., intrinsically oriented to enhancing oneSelf): recursively Self-enhancive.

Satisfaction appreciates itself, in the sense of increasing worth to oneSelf, in terms of satisfactions that accrue to burgeoning identity formation—to selfidentification of growing appreciability—becoming want of fulfillments that are one’s own. Thereby, Self enowns appreciability as selfidentical.

We commonly refer to that as interest in “self enrichment,” usually as supplementary to what “really” matters: relevance for one’s practical interests of action. But individ-
uation is intrinsically (from infancy onward) wanting satisfaction which wants more novelty, which naturally invites more complexity or sophistication (unless individ-uational opportunity is inhibited), relative to one’s innate capacity to build and broaden capability (which good enough parenting and early educational opportunity reveals).

Intrinsic appeal of satisfaction, building and broadening capability, enhances itSelf into want of selfidentical fulfillment, which satisfactions increasingly serve, given sophistication of capabilities. Appreciating worthwhile time appreciates the worth of appreciability. Building and broadening appreciability (one may grow to realize) is intrinsically worthwhile because fulfillment is intrinsically appealing.

“One may‚Ķ”: Persistent enhancing of appreciability may be unusual, due to oppor-tunity and resourcefulness. To appreciate some phenomenon or person as such
(“in itself”) is commonly associated with aesthetics. Yet, the worth integral there mirrors the intrinsic worth of fulfillment.

The essence of worth is appreciated presence, of many degrees and ways.

Aestheticality is a kind of potential for fulfillment, as is knowing. Enhancement of each capability (for appreciation, for knowing) enhances potential of each for Self-enhancive action. Enhancing capability invests in possibility for appreciating and knowing.

“Give me mystery” is a common call to being—be it primal, scientific, or aesthetic—because response to the appeal of mystery is intrinsically appealing, thus engaging.

In the beginning—and always? (for some persons)—one is intrinsically curious about what (one anticipates) can be understood, such that the strain of disambiguation,
the derivation of consonance, can be a perpetual (self-formative) promise of satisfaction.

Capability—and capacity forming into capability—evinces, opens one into the appealing: drawing oneself on, as if being drawn into love of letting ambiguities emerge, calling for clarification (clearing from auratic presencing), inviting incom-mensurabilities that call for constellating—dissonances calling for cohering, new bricolages of all relevances calling for comprehensive appreciation that draws one into new horizons.

“Let learning never end” is a call of inquiring minds from Day One becoming (maybe) adventurous, self-designing lives, where nearing horizons centripetally transform into more new horizonality, greater Nearing, as if a paradigmicity of horizon is self-transforming.

Yet, appreciation isn’t enough for some Selves. They want Creation!—even epochally so (in all vanity), as if to leave a lasting Mark—monumentality—for, thus in, Our evolving.

Yet, vanity is itself. And I have a good sense of humor—not that I don’t care to contribute to advancing Good: I care deeply (and highly and broadly).

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