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  points of humanity

gary e. davis
March 10, 2022
You may find my interest in the notion of humanity belabored, since I’ve highlighted
the notion often. But it can embody a luminous conception of ethical generality—one’s
own (ethical), one’s exemplarity (of generality), and represent the substantive reality
which ideas of “universality” and “cosmopoly” conceal, because Our locus in the cosmos
which is universal has nothing to do with Our Earthanity.

    lifeworldliness (again)
      I have a formal project on lifeworldliness to develop and share online, but presently
I merely want to recall my previous expressions of interest in this.

    ephemerality of writerly presence
      One may venture with high seriousness without losing a sense of play.
    points of life for better futuring
      This set of discussions is what the above short ones preface: on lifeworld, being, ethics, and humanity.





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