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gary e. davis
March 6, 2022
Here today, forgotten tomorrow.

It’s so much the same, too, with writing each other. In the Age of Letters—with fine penmanship of feeling words—persons weren’t so easily dismissive of each other’s time.
“Snail mail” could make one’s receipt of another’s “messaging” a special time in one’s day.

But I’m realistic about how unlikely others would enjoy a “conceptual analyst”: my LinkedIn profession, which was a self-effacing jest years ago that became permanent. I never sought
to “network” in the job market.

“…and philological writer” there. It was “philosophical writer” for years. I venture a conception of philological inquiry which is post-philosophical, inasmuch as philosophy is ultimately conceptual science and practically conceptual education. The nature of conceptual science is…conceptual, and love of inquiry into that is [meta]conceptual, but that’s a phil-ology (to my mind) in a 21st century sense of ‘philology’, which I’m gradually defining online relative to hundreds of pages of notes in my Work. Philosophy after metaphysicalism is conceptual pedagogy. The importance of philosophical work that looks foundational is discursive inquiry which has pedagogical value (as well as ususally—often basically—employability value for one’s interest in their CV for income security).

I signed on to Facebook in the early days, but never wanted to use its frivolous “Friend” feature for connecting with others who matter to me. So, I display myself—my “face”—as artistic and compassioned educator sharing favorites from the PBS News Hour, mostly. And the account allowed me to sponsor two academic pages, on Jürgen Habermas and Martin Heidegger, which have been longstanding interests. (I did doctoral work on Habermas.)

Anyway, I’m thankful that you’ve been here, reader, friend, loved one, whatever the degree: casual, engaged, intimate. What ultimately matters is what I’ve gotten from you who wrote me. I never needed you to especially enjoy my excursions (apart from you being enjoyed by me).
I didn’t need your appreciation of me. You were enough. I learned through you—and especially through imagining you as my astutely inquiring partner.

Thank “you” for being so enjoyable—and for enjoying my enjoyment of you.


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