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gary e. davis
March 7, 2022
When I suggested that one “give investments of one’s time long-term confidence” [3], I was thinking of an orientation toward large-scale fulfillment that makes near-term satisfactions points for anewal.

By enowning high purpose, “one’s own life rightly owns Purpose all its own” [2]. Thereby (ideally), fidelity to appreciated ValueV is easy because it reflects the authenticity of one’s appreciability: “Who I am”: being dignity, integrity, worthiness, virtue (thereby “having” such character).

A recent home page update noted that “We make The Point: Of wanting better life (better being, thus better being)—then better humanity?....The Point of your life—of all the decades you lived” or will live “is ultimately your own making” [2].

I have a yet-unexplicated conception of selfidentity-consolidating ValueV holism in which one confidently trusts because one has “wholeheartedly” individuated oneself—highly, to my mind: a holism of mindfulness whose appellant cohering owns high telic potential. “Better being loves bettering humanity as a keynote of cohering life” [2].

“All sense of ultimate Purpose is merely a ‘higher,’ telic cohering of those we make—which sometimes [ideally] appeal widely enough to become sacred, firstly [in social evolution] by supernatural fabulation, then [I venture] by creative conception of Our evolving” [4].

The fulfilling purposes of my life are made up; and, in time, aggregate into emergent purpose with emergent design, except inasmuch as I “set parameters on interplays of purposes”[4], which sounds dispassionate; but that’s about deliberate design in light of emergent coherings.

I aspire to reach zeniths of comprehensive comprehension knowing that any sense of arrival is transitory—which is fine because pleasures of the journey and challenges of the climb make satisfied purposes milestones more than ends. Reveling in the arrival of some clear sense of comprehensive cohering misses opportunity for furthering.

Especially, a challenging climb creates opportunity to “descend” (hermeneutical appropria-tivity, I would argue) into chances to enable others: teaching truly, contributing to others’ gaining their own way—and may they want to truly teach others.

I’ve put the matter of climbing, heights, descents, and departures simply several times elsewhere (including “an allegory of mountaineering”): Grow up well, achieve a lot, pay forward generously, move on enhancively.


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