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gary e. davis
March 8, 2022
Obviously, there’s so much work to do for the sake of advancing humanity.

A conservative mind wants a steady-state, a return to a status quo, systemic homeostasis, provincial Confucian “harmony.” But persons who choose to exemplify and support the integral potential of humanity as calling for work to do are superior persons relative to, say,
the slacker, preferring consumption over constructive time.

There’s no good reason to archive the notion of superiority—or to cast potential for superior being out of the world as a supernatural person hidden to all but scriptural hermeneuts (secretly implying a will to power, like some threat of a god’s wrath). Truly leading minds are gracious, patient, flexible, and generous with their time. They value cultivating humanity.

If they are the few and the rare, then let’s enable more talent to actualize itself. There’s no need for otherworldliness (in some Transcendentalist sense). We can be enough for each other. Every crisis has shown that turning to each other saves—and reveals promise among us that we didn’t know we already always had.

And savings progress through appreciation. I venture appreciation of a continuum of “good” across lives, society, humanity, and evolving conceptuality. A durable and progressive conception of ”the”good is quite accessible in terms of the better-oriented action, relative to its given scale (conception) of interest (domain) and relevance (range) of purpose.

What matters, ideally (which can be realistic), at the scale of a life, is an individuation that can be wholly flourishing. At the scale of an organization, that involves collaborative leadership.
At the scale of the planet, everyone is called to actualize ecological flourishing.

Of course, that begs questions of how best to understand wholly flourishing across the manifold of singular lives; how best to understand collaborative leadership, from locality to transnational relations; and how best to understand an ecologically valid Anthropocene.

To assert that “humanity [is a] species value” [2] implicitly bonds appeals of a high ethics of care with appeal for holistic appreciation of Our Earthanity. “In the university, the pole star is the appeal of cultivating humanity—of advancing and instilling high conceptions of being well” [2].

The artful species ultimately coheres Itself, its Self [eonic evolutionarity], like gods of conceiving authors” [home page update note], because the ancient gods always were literary idealizations mirroring our conceivability (aspiring for perfection, whose appeal is generative for Our evolving), brought into cultural efficacy for the sake of political-economic stability (then progress?)—"gods always mirroring one’s subjection to revision” because our ancestors were unwittingly always evolving new ways of understanding, which became the history of idealization, which was always a retrojective narrative about conceiving our futurity, as if—
for the sake of comforting those in need of comforting—Our futurity was foretold.

But really, what’s foretold is that “Earth continues to prove that extinction can be
the prevailing story of any form of life” [3].


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