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gary e. davis
March 2021

Inquirial process is best examined relative to specific inquirial projects. Process as such is a genealogical construction—retrojective—which is dependent on what’s in process.

personhood: being person-al: person-ality -|- March 3, 2021
    This begins a project that will eventually have its later parts listed on a separate project page (project contents listing). But relative to existing site Areas, this first part relates more to the “conceptual inquiry” Area than to the others.
“genius” on the street -|- May 2020
    Note the quote marks: As They say....
aspiring appreciability -|- August 2020
    This begins obtusely (though exactly, I think, as a psychoanalytical kind of point), but soon becomes more readable. In a sense, appreciability is intrinsically aspiring.
conceptuality -|- July 2020
    pursuing intest in conceptuality itself.
Habermasian studies -|- August 2018
    Begun decades ago (archived here from circa 2004 onward), this will continue to be developed. Resources for others’ learning may especially useful.
Heideggerian studies -|- December 2020
    Also begun decades ago, items here presently serve introduction for others, provide some of my own venturing, and address the situation of surviving the 1930s. December, the project was re-organized and added some new discussion.

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