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gary e. davis
March 2019

This Area involves a complex of open-ended interest in conceptual research, reconstructive projects, and creative prospecting. But inquirial process is best examined relative to specific inquirial projects. Process as such is a genealogical construction—retrojective—which is dependent on what’s in process.

    conceptual inquiry -|- February 12, 2019
    Immanently, prospecting may express an interest in process relative to research that will likely transform the sense of process as well as sense of prospecting.
Habermasian studies -|- August 2018
    Begun decades ago (archived here from circa 2004 onward), this will continue to be developed. Resources for others’s learning may especially useful.
Heideggerian studies -|- March 2019
    Also begun decades ago, items here presently serve introduction for others and address the situation of surviving the 1930s. Also, some advanced work is provided.

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