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a caring profession
    appreciative aspiration with tropical leaps

gary e. davis
August 19, 2020

Each short section below is a prelude to its separate page coming later.
(The point of “tropical leaps” is indicated below at “caring.”

    Self interest
Born in attachmentality, a baby’s interest doesn’t yet distinguish Its interest from an other’s. Appeals of novelty are undifferentiated there being.

Soon, there’s discovering The Difference between Self and surround—Self and surround (surround and Self)—differentiation which Baby is eager to enhance because being in The Difference is intrinsically appealing.

Novelty in The Difference is intrinsically appealing, which is why Baby’s gaze quickly distinguishes what’s no longer novel from what’s new.

OneSelf in the surround—In the surround—becomes more and more fascinating (which sometimes tests parental patience).

That’s the beginning of being well: being fascinated.

Individuation into caring takes time, of course. It’s a leap of narrative to collapse years into this shift of theme.

One’s sojourn toward genuinely caring takes time because (1) good enough care for oneSelf is more than self interest. (Lots of common self interest is unhealthy.) (2) Good enough inter-
personal caring for/about other persons is different than care for oneSelf. And (3) balancing Self care with interpersonal care by oneself well enough is a wisdom that emerges only with care in time.

So, the themic leap tropes a discursive promise, i.e., a potential for explication of an important appreciation.

Conceiving and conceptualizing (i.e., differentially articulating) is necessary for practical actualization of anything worth one’s devoted time. A purposeful life—be it childhood explorations, independence, or career development—loves ideality.

Good parenting and teaching welcomes, evinces, and shows appreciation for insightful idealism.

    ultimizing actualization of human potential
Actualization of one’s potential is intrinsically worthwhile and appreciable.

What could be more important for parenting and teaching than enabling Self actualizataion with balanced care and practical idealism?

At best—for a flourishing life—that calls for flexible mindfulness (another themic leap worth appreciating here later).

      ‘Vocation’ originates from a sense of ultimate appeal, more than following a path (career).
It’s about life-oriental response to a horizon.

I’ve alluded to that in terms of a prevailing Purpose of one’s life, which is made of projects serving one’s Purposefulness: a manifold project-ivity of a life oriented by its primary Project-ivity (AProject-ivity).

The appeal is ultimately open, because one’s life is open, in Time ultimately evolving Us,
to which one’s life in its relatively small way may contribute.

Humanity is a pointillistic sea of lives making eras. Some grand gestalt that a mind may compose is, like a pointillistic picture, only made of its points. The Point—the gestalt, the constellating—of a life is to be the best conceivable point of one’s time.

For me, a keypoint is (in a word) creativity—what, at heart; how—which calls for a prospective sense of Self that is protean.

I’m saddened by how unusual neighborliness is. Yet, it springs to life in an emergency because it’s an intrinsic value born from good family life. Being a good neighbor is too often lacking (beyond emergency) due to godknows why, if not lack of good family growing up.

Too often, we imply a city of chilling strangers wary of passing each other on a sidewalk (not to mention the current pandemic!).

In ethical theory, caring is primarily about “near and dear” others, but relative to city life the scale of that becomes tiny—and defensive (and exclusive).

One may wonder how to appreciate high scale of neighborliness that’s durable.

An appeal of exemplary humanity inhabits everyone’s sense of sacred appreciations. But inhabiting that in and for one’s life is a challenge that’s commonly no calling.

    human being
      Where’s your humanity?” is an appeal sometimes heard. Is that an appeal to intrinsic appreciability?

Who are you, as being that keeps, say, humanitarian ethos alive?

There’s no Planet B, so doesn’t the horizon of appreciability merge with realities of global public goods?

Is not every nation at heart a commonwealth—some of which is held in trust for all humanity? (For instance, does a continental region own its rainforest?)

Obviously Our Earthanity is the ultimate commonwealth of there being human flourishing.

    lifeworld globality
      What’s the appreciable scale of near-and-dear lifeworldliness?

In existential phenomenology, the notion of lifeworld involves (I leap to claim) senses of embodiment that define ‘global’ as the region of there being appreciability.

So, what’s the appreciable region that one’s capability for regioning appropriates into life-oriental events?

      Let there be prevailing of highly caring idealism that determinately actualizes a calling of neighborliness whose humanity is exemplarily global.

The point is a narrative leap that also echoes a playing forth which grounds being in its appreciability.

Call its potential some contribution to philosophy.

Call it literary living as protean venturing of generative comprehensiveness.

Call it an AEros of humanity; or a love for conceivability (beyond visualist imaginability) of being.

    an American’s ideality
      I’ve appreciated for many years The Real American Dream’s distinction between Americanist freedom to and European freedom from.

Ironically, the so-called “American Idea” is a European ideal about Our capacity to flourish!
It was never nationalist. It’s a constitutionality of manifolding freedom to flourish.

Then “New World” actualities were imported back to Europe (and elsewhere across the planet), ideals transformed (and inhibited) by happenstances.

Also, such ideality of human potential was understood differently among regions of the Americas, for each new beginning. But We are united across the hemisphere—I leap to profess—in idealizing a globality of flourishing humanity born from intrinsic human potential actualized.

    being in Time
      The eternal return of youthful caring to actualize ideals generates Our evolving, from being well through high-minded conceiving to educational excellence for good thinking and advancing community.

The future of humanity will be through the planetary lattice of tightly neighbored and loosely neighbored metropoles, at best collaboratively gardening (so to speak) each region’s portion of the only heaven there is.


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    Be fair. © 2017, g. e. davis.