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gary e. davis
March 2022

This Area is intended to develop in light of conceptual inquiry.

It is as: given as is -|- August 29, 2021
    From journalism to phenomenology, all understanding frames itself.

on “belief” -|- August 26, 2021
    This is briefly about so called belief’s relation to knowing, action, and rationality, but not yet much about belief. I intend to eventually focus on belief as such.

What’s important? -|- August 22, 2021
    The better view is not an elitism.

flourishing humanity -|- March 21, 2022
    —as if you haven’t read enough, enough, about notions of humanity. But this project best
expresses (so far) my sense of the better continuum of progressive pragmatics.

points of humanity -|- March 10, 2022
    This is more or less about the ethical generality of the notion of humanity as
singularly living.

astute reasoning and “fake news” -|- May 2018
    “Astute reasoning” is my preferred rubric for what’s normally called “critical thinking” in education. How can we discern genuineness via text? What is reasoning well?

clarity of mind -|- October 5, 2020
    This is part of the project “for an American politics of virtue,” including sub-themes about lucidity of astute reasoning and graciousness.

appreciative aspiration with tropical leaps -|- August 2020
    This is 11 prefaces to topics for more discussion later, all 11 introducing aspects of being well relative to one’s psychological, cultural, and political humanness / humanity. How can we deal with the drama of fakery?

from cultural values through social values to political values -|- August 2020
    Being politically pragmatic is about balancing ideals with feasibility for the sake of work in common.

discursive moments: mind evolving -|- June 2020
    I like ‘moment’ in the sense of importance, but any composition is dated (in the literal sense, not a sense of being outdated relative to what antedates it).

Yet, that’s a lightness toward the fundamental conceptual work that this Area introduces.
(So, by the way, what’s the dynamic of a Moment becoming antedated?)

Consider ‘mind’ in the sense of caring; ‘evolving’ in the unlikely transitive sense of inquirers’ hope for lasting influence—of those inquirers I’m following (not a pretense about my own hope for good use of time).

My interest in large-scale inquiry has been developing for many years, which is expressed here presently (not represented) as many “discursive moments,” some with several subtopics.

“the soul of America” -|- September, 2020
    This is part of a large-scale project on democracy in America (unlisted—not part of the brief “...virtue” project below, which is also part of the large-scale project.
for an American politics of virtue: being authenticallly democratic-|- October 12, 2020
    The 2020 presidential election was a milestone in American political history. This nine-part project explores aspects of deliberative citizenship and leadership.

recent, relevant pages/postings
    originalism as phony approach to constitutionality -|- February 2020
    thinking of Heidegger teaching -|- March 2019
    The beginning of philosophy was about teaching. The large share of Heidegger’s collected works is lecture transcripts because his thinking is overridingly about process.

Relevant new material will be listed here and, for a week or so, at the “new in site” point
on the home page.





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