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June 11: OneSelf is not [about] ‘subjectivity’

June 10: singularity of a still-flowering life

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December 2020
  June 25

I’m strung out by trying to keep up with too much: desired Work, endless uncanniness of current events, and undesired chores.

Later… Maybe Sunday.

June 11
My long blog post about a notion of oneSelf (shortened title above) is especially relevant to views of interaction as intersubjective (central for Habermas). The notion of intersubjectivity is doubly problematic to me.

The title of the June 10 project may seem sentimentalist, but no more than the focus of humanistic psychology (and neo-Aristotelian ethics) on the value of flourishing (and fidelity to still flourishing is the best response to re-realizing one’s mortality).

The June 10 project resulted from merging [a] postings which were recently listed here (not now re-listed in the “recent” updates blog); and [b] several new postings which hadn’t been listed here, altogether being the set of discussions titled above, which have variable conceptual difficulty and show variable creative license.

next check-in: June 27

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