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june 16: Bloomsday for greater humanity

june 25: free associations of a nomadic species

june 3: a conceptual point

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  July 11

I’m not ready for a new discussion yet. Thanks for stopping by.
I will have worthwhile new discussion by July 20.
Here: Have a sprout.

June 25
“Free associations...” wanders across types and kinds of distinctions which are integral to my interests, but whose formal integrability isn’t intimated yet.

June 22
I’m enjoying my tropical landscape—too much to do an update today
—or tomorrow?.... Sorry. Home soon. Live lightly. Cheers.

June 16
A sense of distance between the ostensible “Bloomsday for greater humanity” and abstract “a conceptual point” would trope the condition of holistic interest in bricolagic life: no proximal constellation—yet.
But all of my conceptual venturing ultimately coheres.

June 4
interface, interaction, interplay,...I prefer ‘-ality’ over ‘-ness’ because
that doesn’t as much connote substantively; and I want a generative
(or process) connotation rather than a state.

June 3
“A conceptual point” is about conceptuality: a perspective on the point of being conceptual.

next check-in: July 20

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