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October 19

1:10 AM: I’ve been so obsessed with “Brexit” that I now don’t want
to do an update here, early in the crucial day.

And who knows where the puerile Donald circus will be in merely
a week!

I’ll update next Saturday.

12:38 PM: Ha!: So far, my earlier predictions about Brexit are right: Boris will become a whisp of history, and Britain will stay in the E.U. Elections are on the way.

The Donald is so pathetic: He applauds today (via Twitter) that a State Dept. official raised concerns in 2015 about a risk of appearances in Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business involvements, no intimation of questionable actuality. The State official says that Joe Biden didn’t follow up because he was preoccupied with his son Beau’s brain cancer therapy. But Swamp Man wants to tarnish Joe Biden’s integrity anyway? “Have you no shame, sir?”

next check-in: October 26

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