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Feb. 1: elusive union, confederated planet

Feb. 5: Biden’s and my democratic society

Feb. 5: democratic life involves perpetual renewal

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December 2020
February 13

I have 18 non-political topics I want to discuss intently (i.e., not casu-ally) soon—over the next month or so—but I need a few more days before beginning here. Those 18 will form a constellational set that is
to be the first and longest part of nine (seven shorter ones and another long one). I hope to begin putting new items online next week.

Feb. 5
The point of more democracy is more good life among us whose emergent pointillism of society can be no better than the good
between “us.” I’ve made an intimate conception of such bettering relative to parts of Biden’s Inaugural Address of January—and
then more.

Feb. 3
A genuine sense of nationalism derives from the living notion of nationality, which is the basis for a concept of nation.

Feb. 1
The challenge of humanistic union on the confederated planet is like translating bipartisanship into exemplary local fairness and out to transnational collaborative leadership.

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