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april 2020
July 4

I’ve finished my project, but a few details remain before I link to it, probably late tonight or early Sunday morning. It has 25 sections,
some relatively long (more than 2 single-spaced Word pages), many are short, altogether about 30,000 words. I’ll say more after I link
to it all.

June 20
I’m creative exuberance, immersed in the “Point” project (I’ll call it);
so, I don’t want to improvise something self-contained here. Sorry.
But the audience I have in mind won’t be disappointed when I upload it all at once (40+ pages, I estimate), the end of this month (I hope).

I thought I’d have it all done by today (as if to be merely 20+ pages), but I got to a confluence of themes (halfway through the project) that became viscous—which is actually a joy: finding “too much” uphill to articulate. I figure I’ll leave the highland next week; then, the last third will be downhill.

next check-in: July 5

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