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May 25

May 23
My intent to have a particular posting done has been delayed. I don’t want to give extended space here for my animus toward the White House blowhard puppet of oligarchs who continues to abuse power, since I do enough of that elsewhere.

To wit: Click “Comments” below the video window at the PBS News Hour article for this link.

And another example, at the NYTimes. (Paul Krugman offers comple-mentary, but technical, acerbity at “How Many Will Die for the Dow?”)

Surely, you’d prefer an inebriated commentary.

But sobriety is good, too.

May 24: Hitler’s heir knows better than to talk about grandaddy
Here’s a comment in response to Maureen Dowd’s delightfully acerbic column today at the NYTimes.

May 25
Is Trump a proxy for global oligarchy?: more comment at the Times.

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