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December 2020
  September 23

Nothing new on “value conceptuality” for online sharing since August 25 yet, but an article appeared today which occasioned my celebration of the supreme political value of constitutional patriotism.

Last night, I had no update for today in mind, so the “Sept. 22” para-
graphs below resulted. That’s not as relevant today, but it’s a senti-
ment worth retaining.

Sept. 10
My work on value theory—or, I prefer—value conceptuality is continuing well.

Preferring, by the way, is integral to value. Values mirror preferences. That point may seem trivial, but the character of preference as valuing can be mysterious.

Sept. 22
I truly want to avoid indicating a “check-in” date, but then have no-
thing new to share. Writerly immersion must follow its emergent ways, which can’t yet be good presentation which came back here already for returning with you to there by way of comfortable narrative.

You know: my worn-out trope of not giving time for sending a post
card home from the trail because journeying into an always receding horizon so appeals—especially given that this hiker wants to under-
stand horizonality as such, a phenomenological trope beyond topo-
graphic figuring.

See? Aren’t you glad to be spared?

next check-in: October 7

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