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December 2020
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Though I’ve been familiar for many years with scholarship on concept-uality (as such), I’m surprised by the diversity of frameworking it all involves, when I dwell with details. It’s quite a wilderness (wanting to be—or to become—a well-sculpted garden).

But the field of inquiry pertains mainly to scientific studies. Concept-uality as such is mainly interesting, for me, relative to important conceptions, like truth, mind, love, progress, etc.

What may draw important conceptions into a constellation of high importance calls for understanding what conception is that constel-lation, i.e., what is the guiding conception of high importance, ultimate value? So, what is human ultimacy—the extraordinariness of leading minds?

I’ll continue through the wilderness (and eventually post views about where I’m taken), but highly conceptual inquiry isn’t scientific inquiry into conceptuality.

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