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march 7, 2019

Why “discursive living”?
September 11

China vs. the U.S.: The NYTimes top-picked my comment on Tom Friedman's column today, “Huawei Has a Plan to Help End Its War With Trump.” Business as war by other means echoes the fact that we’re on the way to a permanent condition of cyberwar. (That explanatory article didn’t allow for comment; so, see my comment here.)

September 7
I finished appropriating seven back years of notes offline, but the complexity of it all doesn’t transpose easily into the simple sense of site here which I’m trying to maintain. And I’m more interested in new directions, which draw me far from here. I must let things emerge in their own time and way. But I’m confident about my direction. And I know that the result will be worth sharing.

Here’s an opinion by me about Brexit at the NYTimes. I'm glad that it got top “Reader Pick.” | Sept. 8: P.S. When I posted my little comment at the Times, I hadn’t read the analysis of Brexit by the Guardian Editorial-Page columnist, Jonathan Freedland, in the NYRB. I’m delighted to find that I was, as they say, spot on: Freedland, “Fools Rush Out.” Indeed, I had it right in my discussion of late June, 2016 (albeit there in early terms of not invoking Article 50)!: Anti-Parliamentary populism becomes the essential problem.

August 21
I don’t want to give attention here to the dangerous melodrama that Trump enjoys. So, month after month, I’ve avoided linking to the regular commenting that I do at the New York Times and Washington Post. But I’ll break my rule today: A comment by me at a NYT editorial today about Trump. (My ending reference to “Chauncey Gardner" regards Peter Sellers’s unforgettable role in Being There, which the Editors probably had in mind for their subheader.) Here.

August 17
I want to update here weekly, but I’m not there yet.

I finished organizing a large volume of notes that I believed would be closure prior to appropriating lots of bibliographical items into it all. But I decided to go back through seven years of notes that hadn’t been part of the recent organizing, and that’s going to fill some more weeks. So, I guess I won’t have new material for here until early September, mid-September, I don’t know.

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