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December 2020

October 23

I was sure I’d get to extending “countering elitism” by today. I haven’t.

Well-funded autocratic stoking of public distrust has served fossil fuel interests for many years. Capitalism would have people believe that meritocracy is the risk to consumerist “freedom.” Expertly informed governance is allegedly suspect because its complexities feel alien to people who always felt that the better students were condescending, teacher’s pets, and duplicitous because smart persons are so “obsessed” with achievement. Too much education “threatens” the “traditional” bonds of family and neighborhood.

The better minds are partly to blame for lacking appreciation (and practical skill) for making leadership also always gracious teaching and making time to understand persons who have trouble understanding.

The work of democracy is educational through and through. Excellent leadership is always in part educational leadership.

October 15
Trite to say, yet ultimately true: What’s Ultimately True (unlike the “arrow” of Time) is Ours to design: “The City, Life.”

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