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December 2020

July 19

Whatever the shape “our universe” (our?) isKlein bottle, say?—
its expansion isn't happening in 4-d (space-time). It’s happening
in greater dimensionality, which We’ll never know, never comprehend.

Like a balloon inflating in 3-space over time is an expanding 2-space surface through 4-d space-time (perpendicular to the 2-d balloon surface), the surface of the Klein bottle trope is 4-d space-time itself expanding in greater dimensionality (incomprehensibly), perpen-
dicular to space-time, as if “The” Universe is emergent cold clearing
in quantum foam (among other Universes?).

Ultimately, We’ll never know why there’s anything rather than no Universe—a fate we share with flowers.

But they’re never chilled to their heart that “I” is.

Meanwhile We, like honeybees, design Our scale of appreciation—yet,
We want vastly more than any other form of Earthan life: evolving
reason to live, evolving appreciability.

July 17
Nothing new to share yet, but soon! (Not as soon as I’d hoped: working with notes stretching back a decade or more.)

June 19
“A point of flexible perspectivity” above is a meta-preface to lots of work which I’ve brought to closure offline, like a finally-clarified topographic map. I’ll develop themes further through new projects online, listed here for awhile, then listed permanently at “recent weeks” of updates, also then added to an apt site Area listing.

next check-in: July 31

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