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December 2020

June 5

I’m working with my notes 10 to 14 hours daily, believing I have a realistic sense of the distance to a horizon (goal)—“new postings regularly, beginning in a week or so,” he says, below—and I’m usually wrong.

However, I’ve gotten to a culminative point that the coming week will clarify (offline). I’m stoked (as we used to say), exuberant. I wish
I don’t need sleep. (Maybe the E.T.s, sending unidentifiable aerial phenomena around, can pursue their fun 24/7.)

Anyway, I’ll share a comment I posted yesterday at a NYTimes article about a renowned surgeon who really nearly died from covid-19 complications. It’s simply about the intrinsic value of human life.

May 22
Editing within and across hundreds of pages of notes is a tedious process about which you don’t want to read. The work is the backstage basis for posting and paging for the coming year or more.

I expect to have new postings regularly, beginning in a week or so—probably this coming week, before May 29. I expect.

next check-in: June 19

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