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nov. 24: precious life

dec. 6: “lifecycality,” so to speak

nov. 25: empathing toward Andromeda

dec. 8: meaning of significance: part 1

nov. 2: appealing ways of understanding

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December 2020
  December 9

“Meaning of significance: part 1” begins a venture into there being texted presence between author and reader by design.

Dec. 6
“‘lifecycality,’ so to speak” prospects a felicitous neologism for exploratory conceptual work.

Nov. 25
“Empathing toward Andromeda” is proximally about creative process, ultimately about intelligent life. It’s not the follow up to “precious life” anticipated yesterday. It evinces from the appeal of conceptual work not yet online (which, by the way, isn’t oriented toward astrofiction).

Nov. 24
“Precious life” is supposed to be followed by a constructive discussion (not more polemic and fancifulness), but I didn’t get it done.

I want to add that I’m concerned with sentient human life, not the mythical psychism which anti-“Choice” persons cherish.

Precious life “calls for” fidelity to precious values associable with fair chances for thriving and individuational flourishing through curiosity, engagement, belonging, appreciation, aspiration, and much more that good parenting and teaching provide, which altogether draws a life
into precious purposes, having life-long appeal. True community promotes, ensures, and advances precious reasons to live.

Nov. 2
All I’ve put online the past several years which appeals for further conceptual prospecting is listed as “appealing ways of understanding,” linked above. It’s a long listing of available topics, 2019—2022, but
the “preface” explains it all.

next check-in: December 23

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