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December 2020

April 24

I’m still making lots of progress, I feel. But I don’t want to give time now to a fair update. Sorry. At least, I don’t forget my promise to
check in.

April 10
I’m making lots of progress with offline work, in the thick of it all, enjoying myself, though not ready yet to do a substantive update. Getting close!

If you didn't see the American Masters episode on Oliver Sacks’s life last night, you must. It’s two hours, but the last 45 minutes makes it all worthwhile. Entertaining memoir becomes a report from the front lines of prospecting in neurophenomenology, then offering a truly memor-
able ending filmed during the days of February, 2015, when he wrote “My Own Life” for the New York Times.

March 27
I have a revised posting about the Internet as evolving organism.

Mar. 13
Later I’ll bridge… Later I’ll dwell…”

Later has has been reached in detail offline, but the conceptual techni-cality has been intense enough that I want a vacation from it all before elaborating parts. There will be tens of parts.

I anticipate short postings done intermittently over the next year
while I also do unrelated, more-creative (non-political) things.
A series won’t seem to be part of an overriding topic until a set ends, then gets a group title, and a set of titled groups of themes become
one of 12 chapters.

Or maybe I’ll want to do lots of postings per week. I never know. Prospecting lives in openness.

Mar. 3
Later I’ll bridge the above and below (Feb. 5) better here. In short,
the good (“the”?) between and among us emerges from the lives of persons, obviously, which, for conceptual interest, implies the standard philosophical interest in understanding personhood, which is also
a keynote of a humanism which isn’t metaphysicalist.

My interest in doing this website has always been philosophical. But
I have a non-standard sense of being a person which is better. Later
I’ll dwell with component notions and directly related ideas in detail.

February 5
The point of more democracy is more good life among us whose emergent pointillism of society can be no better than the good
between “us.” I’ve made an intimate conception of such bettering, “Biden’s and my democratic society,” relative to parts of Biden’s Inaugural Address of January—and then more.

next check-in: May 22

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