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July 25: playing to a muse

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December 2020
  August 12

“Soon,” but still not yet. The serious joy is too involved to do a post-card home (said Odysseus, bemused).

Yet, I do keep fidelity to my promise to check in.

July 30
Lots coming soon, but not yet.

Here’s a thought: Is saying that James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis were “writing Gaia” implying a given muse to whom they’re writing? What could be the “nature” of that? Were they pragmatically creating the tropical figure of Gaia, like man created the pragmatic fable of “God”?

In any case, if humanity is not sacredly wedded to Mother Earth sufficiently, Our planet could not care less, being remorseless in marriage with Father Time.

July 25
I am enjoying myself—serious joy.

next check-in: August 27

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