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        some considerations of ideology     October 2, 2019
        gary e. davis


Currently, I’m discussing two entries from Heidegger’s notebooks (Considerations— “Ponderings”) that others have insinuated are darkly symptomatic of something, though the entries are not darkly symptomatic of Heidegger. I’m following up from my short discussion of von Herrmann on “the role of Considerations...”

Also, I’m wearily attending to three notes by Heidegger that others find also suspicious.

But first: race of the river -|- May 2016

  March 7, 2016
  beyond psychoanthropology
    Considerations, 1938 | vol. 6, no. 91
  March 12, 2016
  inhumanity of global imperialism
    Considerations, 1941 | vol. 14, no.243
  October 2, 2019
  thinking relative to three Annotations



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