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gary e. davis
  January 2021

Going my own way is fun.
  January 2021 Hermes was a savvy dude
      This is inspired by a book chapter that begins with a quote by Heidegger about hermeneutics. The book’s author finds his “Heidegger” self-invalidating. But my discussion doesn’t focus on that chapter.
  December 2020 a Heideggerian individuation
      applying a sense of flourishing to interest in Contributions to Philosophy and the Considerations notebooks.
  August 2015 fourfolding
      Heidegger’s notion of fourfold (or fourfold figuration) is a conceptual scaffold that can have many analogs for conceptual prospecting—without ontologism or supernaturalization of conceptuality
  May 2014 things of Appropriating
      This posting will eventually link to my own venture with his presentation. I think of the jug as a chalice of gathering voices, like an authorship. The thing is what’s there: singular text about something. It lives as writing in singular reading.
  July 2015 On a way of being
      I’m beginning a road about humanism that will have several waystations eventually.
  March 2019 thinking of Heidegger teaching
      This backgrounds “,” but it should be revised to be more cogent, less hermetic in places.
  April 2017 originary flow, conceptual design, and concerted cultivation
      How might an advance of poiesis, logos, and ethos show singularly? This dwells in detail (in my own way) with Heidegger’s notion of “Ge-Stell.”



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