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    being a scholar of Heidegger’s ways

gary e. davis
  July 2015

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  5/17/14 note on the phenomenality of a text
      Transcripts of Heidegger’s lectures would include responses to audience questions that lack the audience question, thus appearing to be a planned part of the lecture, thus seeming to have implicature that the comments do not have.
  5/17/14 lament—and hope for Arrival
      Heidegger anticipated that a “gang” of opportunists would write their own fictional “Heidegger.”
  5/17/14 What is translation?
      This briefly compares a passage from Heidegger’s Introduction to Metaphysics from two translations in order to show how fidelity to Heidegger’s thinking works better in the translation that was done in consultation with Heidegger himself.
  5/17/14 Theodore Kisiel gets grouchy about doing Heidegger in English
      Translating posthumous texts has become an industry. One can almost gain tenure without understanding Heidegger’s thinking, if you’re expert with academic German. Who’s going to substantively complain, after the scholars who knew Heidegger, the person, die?
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