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    Heidegger in our century

gary e. davis
  August 6, 2015

This has not begun. I’ve added the relevant postings from the Facebook Page because that does provide a sense of context: from interest in our evolutionarity through facing the Anthropocene to reconciling to where we are.

  8/6/15 notes of language
      “Language” for Heidegger is beyond (and precedes) linguisticality. This has very difficult implications for understanding his thinking. But I haven’t ventured into detail yet.
  11/20/13 the question of being now
      Life is short. Great grandchildren will be arriving before you know it.
  5/7/14 days Of Tissue
We are a relatively young star system among galaxies speeding away from each other.

Don’t be frightened. Think of birds—heirs of the dinosaurs, heirs of Time, kinds of planetary intelligence loving to be?

We’ll evolve to move planets around, to suit our fancies in this galaxy.

Enjoy being well.
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