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        Sunday, early autumn, early century21
gary e. davis  
September 29. 2015

The SuperBloodMoon in a tetrad year of eclipses intersects the completion of Pope Francis’ “historic” trip to the U.S. which intersects the UN’s 70th anniversary that finalizes the “historic” Sustainability Development Goals to be actualized by 2030, two years before the next tetrad year of bloodmoons begins.

The Development Goals are in part response to strife with global warming, of course, which could be caricatured as Revenge of Earth against accelerational modernity, as if Earth and Humanity are in epochal strife—or the strife of Earth and World is made historic in a Moment of united nations sanctified by ecumenicism under an iconic Moon.

We are the species striving to make history. All of it is deliberate, save the Moon that gains as much global attention as an approach of gods from afar. Goals completion was engineered to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the General Assembly, and the Pope’s trip was scheduled around the Event of the General Assembly. (His June 18 encyclical designed to anticipate his trip to the UN.) It’s all intricately thought out and planned. (Pertinent critical pathing models would look like braiding tributaries from The River of Human Design into the open Sea of Time), a grand assembly and a grand religion endeavoring to be historic for Our Time. One could call it all—dwelling in the enactive presence of the entire assembly, heralded from its place through an inestimable weave of media—being-historical thinking, enacting trans-temporal Moment beyond the 24/7 news cycle, proffering to be in Time lastingly.

So, what have we got? We have a renewed Commitment to being historic for localist populations whose media forget quickly and whose lives cycle by the seasons. The heights (the leading minds, leadership) that would remember The Commitment have more to keep in mind than their engineering has power to navigate among populations with little time to be mindful, except perhaps one day per week; or a few minutes of the day that is dominated by those needs that the Goals are to address given participation of the whole manifold of managed populations and scale (“vertical’ and “horizonal”) of all things to be considered—as if vastly distributed valuing can be cohering like a telos, a grandly telic cohering, a telesis (post-Deweyan).

With the UN Goals, We have many, many all-too-familiar talking points for regional, subregional, trans-regional, and inter-regional action: planning, organization, critical pathing, leadership, resourcing, management, supervision, evaluation, re-planning, re-pathing—in short, we have more for the same days, same years that are already highly strained and stressed.

What will keep humanity focused on advancing Our capability to thrive is the threatening revenge of Earth: tempests of increased tempestuousness, and more frequent; droughts, extinctions, etc., etc.—in short, aggrevations of those needs which the familiar talking points address. Beautiful would be that We respond to the Appeal of Promise and flourishing desire primarily more than reacting to need and fear.

The strife of World and Earth (climatic risk, etc.) faces the strife of Earth and World (accelerating modernity) to possibly keep our global species focused on merely baseline fruitfulness for everything, as the Earth itself cares not a wit. The Earth adjusts, forgetting species, fabricating new ones. Earth is the ultimate survivor. We are the ultimate potential for flourishing, the best of Earth to which the Earth itself is blind, intelligence of Earth evolved to save its innocent blindness—shepherds of Earth, they say, since biogenic Nature can’t know It needs autogenic caring.

Meanwhile, there’s no insurance against centuries of new autocracies rationalized by chronic crisis among city states that write the urgency of sustainability goals into future chapters of historiography for air conditioned transhumans affording time for revisiting these early years of the Anthropocene.

Yea, human capability to imagine consequences, catastrophe, perfected heavens (as if)—better worlds, at least.

So, given significant progress in the array of Sustainability Goals, we might hope for a beautiful humanity of the midlands—beyond baseline well-being of all humanity and Earth, beyond thriving, beyond garden levels of planetary being—whereby midland ecologies express Our cultural flourishing, express reliably abiding homes for possible heights of mind—for creative play!—being available to anyone who appreciates highly.

At the moment, though, I think of this modestly: as low-to-midland regioning of they who may highly cultivate good regions.



    Be fair. © 2015, g. e. davis.