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        philosophy for good
gary e. davis
November 30, 2015    

“...For good” expresses a fidelity to philosophy itself in denoting an important fidelity of philosophy.

Caring about—caring for—what’s “good” is indisputably important, of course. No degree of philosophical skepticism annuls one’s desire for a “good life.” Much can be constructively gained from prospecting consequential importance without consequentialism; and cross-cultural value without essentialism.

Philosophical focus on the notion of good leads me into focus on philosphy as such. But presently I’m merely listing occasioned postings, web pages, and projects below.

The first version of this page anticipated a sense of philosophical ethics in terms of teaching which was very brief—probably not useful (e.g., listing themes and influences without discussion). Better would be to let occasioned pieces accumulate here and, as my project evolves through more pieces, expand this preface into a separate introductory page that changes accordingly.

  November 2015
  What do you want for your life?
  —musing about us generally. Yet, general explorations of the question will be an important part of this site area, 2016. The little posting linked here will be vastly enriched through other pages.
  August 2013
  the better way
  This is very short, anticipating a rigorously analytical context for thinking about value theory in some detail here.
  September 2013
  on being light
  This is a little pretentious at the beginning, but not egoistic; bear with it.
  January 2015
  fundamentalism and philosophy (as therapeutic)
  No great religion really implies or condones violence. They exist to build for peace (and promote fruitful lives, among other purposes).
  March 2015
  a trace of spirited time
  This is an enrichment of perspective earlier improvised as a set of short postings.
  January 2015
  a sense of trans-pragmatic philosophy
  This was motivated by my long-standing interest in expressing a sense of philosophy beyond pragmatics, but without transcendentalism.
  March 2014
  pragmatic virtue ethics

This is a philosophical workbook that may be unbearable to read—very long (multiple sub-sections on separate pages)—but it provides a topography of themes to extract for further development. (Where I’m going with this project isn’t represented by that workbook, but it’s a good example of working, I hope.)








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