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        what works in social policy?
gary e. davis
April 2014

Avowed interest in “truth” (e.g., scientific validity) for social philosophy is only as good as the evidence-based policy that may follow from conceptual work or that may inform conceptual work.

Habermas’s sense of philosophy as integrative venue entails real engagements that can benefit from integration that facilitates mutual supports through holistic envisioning of community-based human development. What we all want is that which may really lead to flourishing regions.

This kind of holism is what I had in mind years ago in prospecting a bridge between “theory” and “practice” beyond Habermas’s prospecting. I was asserting, in short:
Get real (in being truly idealistic).

This note is inspired by David Bornstein’s inspired article, “In the Long War on Poverty, Small Victories That Matter.”
Great social policy begins with issues of child development. That’s the “genome” of lives that may constellate to compose good communities which may compose good regions.

So, there’s much potential there for cultivating this page (turning this note into a set of topic pages) with other resources for advancing community well-being.

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