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        in praise of natural light
gary e. davis
August 15, 2007
Could it be that a legacy of humanism best backgrounds the human condition of dwelling together for the sake of the somehow-shared futures of our children?

Can a sense of humanitarian care provide the best philosophical basis for shared devotion to providing well for the future good of humanity?

Can the basis of human rights be found in our human nature?

Humanistic Union is not intended to simulate an axial conception of singularity among the cultural geographies of evolving humanity. But the project expresses a useful reminder that some primordial centrality of The Human as such, in some discernible sense (Ethical beyond minimalist universalism or morality), deserves to hold good inescapably, irrefutably, even sacredly, for each of us (living ethical fidelities) among all (securing moral fidelities), in witness to each other thriving (actualizing potentials) and striving (e.g., for some high sense of embodied humanity) on our shared grounds—the fragile tissue of a fevered rock in the so-far-Silent Local Region.

a normativity of ‘humanity’



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