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      humanistic union
gary e. davis
May 2016
      evolving continental unions, shared planet, shared humanity

background of the project: August 31, 2013
I expect to prospect beyond this through a sense of American humanity.
May 27, 2016

March 27, 2017: That expectation has become part of site reconception. But all of the links below will appear on new page listings.

in praise of natural light
---- August 2007

a normativity of ‘humanity’
----September 2007

humanistic union”?
---- October 2007

for the children
----November 2007

a legacy of humanism
----early December 2007

a sense of humanitarian care
----late December 2007

the basis of human rights in our nature
----January 6, 2008

humanistic union as evolving project
----January 13, 2008

minding the future good of humanity
----January 20, 2008

love of enhancing humanity
----September 2009





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