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    prospecting born before 2012
gary e. davis
March 12, 2017  

The Heidegger area gained a new pages in April and a new page today. January, a new “Appropriations” section began with a discussion of intellectuality. Both the section and that discussion will grow.

Otherwise, some things here belong to their time; so, I don’t expect to do revision (“discursive reading”) or not much revision (“Habermasian studies” before 2012).

Some things were shelved with feeling of expecting further development (“Habermasian studies” after 2012; “Heidegger studies”).

There are many years of things that could be listed here. Updated sections with new pages or revised pages will be dated here and noted for a week or so at my home page (which archives its update notes).

  July 2015
    A few words about each of the projects below.
  humanistic union
    evolving continental unions, shared planet, shared humanity
  May 2014 | 1997—
  Habermasian studies
    What’s a good continuum from conceptual prospecting to progressive practicality? What’s the singularity of the philosopher?
  March 12, 2017
  Heidegger studies
    How may a philosopher, writing to the unborn (albeit fatefully in terms of his own times), best be brought into our century?
  January 14, 2016
    a place for whatever I feel like doing that draws substantially on work done years back, oriented by a developing sense of philosophy as progressive conceptual appropriativity.



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