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gary e. davis
November, 2015  
This preface is unchanged from Septembers 2015 version, except that“philosophy for good” has a new posting. [March 27, 2017: And my current conception of the website now causes me to archive this page.]

These are developing projects that express a sense of philosophical baseline for other site areas, not fully detailed positions (which would be tedious to read). I expect each project to eventually link to detailed excursions. For example, a vast literature exists for value theory. Ill make choices. Background views provide context for later warranting choices.

Also, I want to regard these projects as starting places for what I anticipate doing for other site areas. During 2016 at least two more projects will be added to the two here now.

I know that these wouldnt likely be regarded as introductory; also my lack of analytical detail (which I can do) makes nothing here convincing yet. Yet, I do enjoy getting into discursive details.

However, an odd purpose here is to not be original; rather, to show a sense of common good to which other/later exotic topics integrally relate, I will argue. Site development has been slow because I’m very engaged with developing many topics outside of this site area, i.e., developing the topological architecture of the site. 2016 will be a very active online year, I expect.

  November 2015
  philosophy for good
    What’s good for thinking durably? (What’s thinking for durable good?)
  September 2015
  healthy regions Of community
    What’s good for flourishing of our humanity?






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