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        a 5-fold sense of site
gary e. davis
August 2020


The five Areas below are entrances into a large-scale sense of project. Each Area is simply defined here, with a link to current work.

I’ll note all new material at the “new in site” space on my home page for a week or so;
and permanently link to new material at its relevant Area page. All updates are cumu-latively listed at the “recent weeks” link. But the development of the site is moving away from orientation by the 5-fold below, though I’ll continue to link new material to the Area pages, when apt. (That “But...” note is all that’s new here, August 2020, compared to the July update. The “August 2020” headers below relate to new links on those Areaa pages.)

The subtitle of each Area below (in grey) is more than facetious. For example, finding reason to live is sometimes elusive for persons; so, inquiring into having good reason is not trivial. Secondly, I want to share my enjoyment of conceptual pursuits. Might one seriously and tenably claim that a philosophy of teaching is the heart of educational excellence, and that teaching is at heart about enabling others’ actualization of their potential?

By the way, I’m capriciously engaged in replacing ‘vis-à-vis’ with ‘irt’ = ‘in relating to’ because it’s easier to key in (especiàlly for html text), but basically because
relationality is primordially important for being, thus extensively implicit to being well, thinking well, inquiring well, teaching well, and advancing community well.

August 2020
being well: enjoying life
    Living “up” to being well is valued by everyone, at least implicitly (if not overtly idealized).

“Being well” anticipates better understanding (in conceptual terms) of whatever interest, by idealizing a wholly flourishing life that may, to my mind, be exemplified by supporting (advocating, working toward) ecologically flourishing humanity, through advancing community.

August 2020
conceptual inquiry: pursuing high fun
    How may conceptuality itself best be understood? What is being a “leading mind”
in specialist literature? How may astute reading best be understood?

I find a cohering of leading thought in a “Found“ telicity of leading voices.

August 2020
good thinking: virtuously enabling
    This is about what may proceed in light of conceptual inquiry, most relative to interest in interdisciplinary conceptual design. But good thinking is practical;
it serves being well, through curiosities to follow diligently, projects to sustain excellently, friends to keep close, valuable time to give....

That’s a simple point about good thinking, not a definition of it. I enjoy a proximal vagueness in the notion of “good thinking.” For example, “being well” (the site Area) implicitly expresses a comprehension of valuing good thinking while overtly attend-ing to themes about individuating capability for thinking about—or theme-ing—whatever.

August 2020
advancing community: causing excellence
    Understanding this in light of good thinking.

August 2020
being in Time: adapting fruitfully
    Meanwhile, life goes on (being in Time), at scales beyond capture.


For me, challenges of conceptual prospecting credibly are fun, as well as expressing fidelity to vital importances.

One always prefers some importances (values), concepts, views, etc. over others, but warranting that is likely unconvincing. Establishing comprehensive and durable standards of “higher” valuation—Value (capitalized)—is, of course, a difficult venture. Capitalizing ‘value’ intends to imply orientation by interest in large-scale, lifeworld-oriented valuation.

One appealing way to characterize my site Areas here is as entrances into altogether deepening (verb) explorations in Value relativity without ultimate relativism.

Prospects of higher conceptual insightfulness in being well (analogous with higher education) provide better opportunities for being well than “lower” insightfulness (analogously as a “high school” education is not very high).

But whose “higher” is better? Matters of conceptual heights can be as elusive as the history of philosophy all tolled.

But a notion of higher versus lower understanding can be detailed non-relativ-istically, I think. Yet, that’s inevitably a complex matter of conceptual inquiry.

Idealizing a wholly flourishing life implies notions of intrinsic value. A conception of ecologically flourishing humanity requires of itself a conception of being “human” that comprehends the evolving Conversation of Humanity (“the”?) well enough.

The ultimacy of value is Valuing. The ultimacy of Value is evolving—understood actively (evolving) and conceptually (evolving).

The range of topics that will emerge within any of the five Areas doesn’t intend to be comprehensive of the Area. Topics will be (or are) foci that I want to work with here.
I want to explicate aspects of a continuum of interest that does cohere formally, albeit offline, to be shared later (dependent on technical terms to be clarified).

There’s no end to where The Project may go (mortally speaking, of course). Likewise, obviously, for Our evolving (notwithstanding another giant asteroid).



Be fair. © 2020, g. e. davis