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gary e. davis
April 8, 2017

As the “sense of site” page notes generally, my sense of this Area is expressed as the constellation of topics to develop.

Yet the “sense...” page also implicitly expresses the whole-Project complex of prospecting, reflection, and reconstructive interest that is integral to conceptual inquiry as such. So, saying too much more here might be misleading, as if a telos of conceptual prospecting is available proximally. The point of this Area of the site is essentially open ended.

For example, what’s the point of avowing interest in evolutionarity of mind, simply, since that can’t be mentioned without echoes of the history of philosophy seeking is own nature, which is not my horizon? And anyway, what is that?: seeking own “nature”? (Its nature, one’s nature, to own nature?)

Is the seeking really the self-mirroring of intelligibility venturing to advance its window—its generative mirrorwindowing—by way of the venturing? (Nonsense? Later, I’ll take to heart the trope of mirrorwindow as an approach to phenomenality: We find ourselves truly discovering things.)

What’s to be said that’s new is relative to what’s to be found. What matters most, then, is that the venturing of intelligibility may be wholly flourishing!—yet that’s to be sustained, because discovery is difficult, like mountain climbing.

Inquirial process is especially pertinent to this Area. But what can be said about that other than to exemplify it in terms of specific inquiries? I—one—just must “get on with it.” Process as such is a genealogical reconstruction, dependent on that which is to be reconstructed.

Research mediately gains a bricolagy of material (the artist’s assemblage, the scholar’s literary regioning) that is shaped into purposeful narrative. Why does one choose what is chosen to make a constellation?: desire of individuation? of career? Great Project? dreams of systematic self-efficacy? What is “Vision”? Is it discerning leading insightfulness across leading domains and prospecting a grand mirroplay of all with all?

  Topics that have a page show a link and date:
creative process
conceptual design
qualitative research
critical reading

2017 and earlier:
  April 2017 evolving conceptuality of humanity
      intelligence of Earth as evolving fruitful comprehension... The evolving character of conceptual progress may be “Simply” the conceptuality of our evolving
(which easily seems to be nonsensical).

Yet, the heart of mind—mindfulness in itself—may happily idealize a highly comprehensive comprehension of evolving conceptuality, then made presentably attuned fruitfully with how, in the midlands and lowlands, humanistic world and human life evolves.
  March 2017 experience of thinking
      This is a preface to dwelling with a middle-aged thinker’s meditation on a play of verse—dwelling that is merrily anticipated.
  2015 her constellating
      Poetic thinking may be rigorously archetypal.
  2015 fourfolding
      This is experimental, prospective fun, in light of which I wonder about another’s scholasticism. Also, I love “The Thing” as exemplary of fourfolding mirrorplaying (like conversational or discursive or appropriative times).
  2014 meta-physical news
      There really is validity to literally-metaphysical inquiry.
  2016 originary flow, conceptual design, and concerted cultivation
      One’s horizon shows a trace of ontogenic capability (individuated sophistication), which teaching (enabling) advances by appropriating possibly-unprecedented designs of insightfulness to individualized learning, embracing “our” times with constellational opening, prospecting, invention, and greater promise. Maybe.
  TBD 2017 inner compass
      What a trope.
  2015 a sense of trans-pragmatic philosophy
      This was motivated by my long-standing interest in expressing a sense of philosophy beyond pragmatics, but without transcendentalism. I have a twofold conception of Appropriativity that’s beyond the scope of a short discussion, involving a situated discursivity (relative to real interactions) that is hermeneutical of a high sense of Appropriativity and immanently pragmatic (relative to another’s shown understanding), which brings “our” thinking into higher senses of thinking together.
  2014 Habermas as philosopher
      If you want to really understand Habermas’s “inner compass,” there’s work to do.
This is a keynote of my Habermasian studies project.
  2003 / 2014 reason: reflexivity and rationalization
      I love reason. It intrinsically distinguishes itself from interactive warranting.
  2007 discursive reading
      Already linked from “fourfolding” above, this is about events of appropriative work as fourfold hermeneuticality. But that’s many years old.
  2003 / 2014 philosophy of Truth
  2003 / 2014 deflationary truth
      fun, chapter 2: very technical
  2003 / 2014 an epistemic sense of truth
      fun, chapter 3: getting practical
  2003 / 2014 finitude of discursive truth
      One’s individuation, prospects in further inquiry, and Our evolving are forever Open, such that what we have time to say must be relativized to why we care about being well as durably and generally as we have time to ensure for heirs who will live with what we made.
  2014 pragmatic virtue ethics
      This is a philosophical workbook that may be unbearable to read—very long (multiple sub-sections on separate pages)—but it provides a topography of themes to extract for further development. (Where I’m going with this project isn’t represented by that workbook, but it’s a good example of working, I hope.) I’ve linked to each section of “In virtue...,” at points in later Area listings for this site (“good thinking,” etc.); so I’ll say more at those points.
  2017 Heidegger studies
      I did, too.



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