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gary e. davis
April 8, 2017

The Project is proximally a six-fold inter-Areality, so to speak. The home page sequence is deliberate, but the unavoidable alphabetical sequence of the same Area names as tags on the blog “our evolving” highlights to me that the set is best regarded as a circle of equiprimordials. By topographic analogy, midland is as important as lowland, which is as important as highland.

Anyway, the Area names are properly vague keynotes of The Project. They are ordinary keynotes of human development, open-ended gravities or appeals.

So, the Areas are proximally very nebulous to better allow for interplays of thinking (relative to the internality of each) that is useful for prospecting interdomainal inquiry (in the normal academic sense of interdisciplinarity—but I prefer: interdomainity) that I’m developing to advocate. Also, understanding philosophy as conceptuality of interdomainity is a good way to think of philosophy beyond the metaphysicalism of the previous century.

By the way, I’d enjoy dwelling with the notion of vagueness as more than a stepchild of logocentrism; rather, as a generative mode of conceptual inquiry—from tropology to topology—that values clarity and rigor as much as logicians do.

Besides, the vagueness of an interaction that is willing to dwell with its vagueness is
an invitation to higher inquiry.




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