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gary e. davis
  June 11, 2017    

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Development of the “our evolving” blog began in 2010 with overt interest in “thinking after Habermas,” which intended ‘after’ in both the sense of “in light of” (i.e., not directly attending to specifics of his work) and “beyond,” as implicit question of what that can best be, as a matter of complementing his Project with other projects, applying his Project to practical matters, extending his Project in terms of emergent events, constructively critiquing his project appropriately (accurately, insightfully, fruitfully)—and what else?

What becomes of Gadamer’s great idea of the “Conversation of humanity” for this century? What is “the” seminar of humanity? If humanity is not primordially political (humanity is primordially humanistic, I would argue: aspiring to individuate in highly cultural and lasting ways, which is the basis for innovative collaboration together), then how best to understand the Conversation of humanity as merely political theory?

But I implicitly began that questioning before participation at the Spoon Collective (August 1997 onward). In light of great online exchanges with others, I wanted to be able to revise discussions of mine that were available, but e-mailed postings were “stone.” So, a blog began to complement my Yahoo Group postings. But that fruitfully wandered in new kinds of directions that I didn’t expect would be interesting to writers/readers especially interested in Habermas. So, I didn’t promote that blog. I might have referred to it in some Yahoo postings, but it would have been seldom enough that I don’t recall now. Anyway, the blog flourished, until around 2010, as “our evolving” began, intending to be specifically “after” Habermas, but I was also writing in many modes away from blogging. The old blog hibernated. I decided to repurpose it; and realized that many of its postings deserved to be part of blogs connected with the Project.

Most relevant postings, 2005-2007 are now part of the theoretical “discursive living” blog (“DL” in citings below), which expresses that the old blog was mostly unrelated to practical Habermasian studies (up to late 2006), but had numerous postings that were more theoretically relevant than practical—until practical interest was the overt aim of “our evolving” (OE) in 2010. Bridging theory and practice is indeed a manifold of interfaces.


2006 (DL mostly):





And so I come to “thinking after Habermas”—which I’d forgotten was recently in light of realizing that Obama had been influenced by Critical Theory in law school.

That led to: 2011 (OE)

2012 didn’t result in any postings, but it was a milestone year for me.


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