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gary e. davis
December 2020

Why “discursive living”?

Though the site conception hasn’t changed, many pages have been added during the past half year which have changed the listings of all of the site Area pages.

These changes implicitly express how I’m gradually thinking away from the 5-fold sense of site below, as new senses of the site are tending to merge into my main project, which has a different organization.

The site is still implicitly about conceptuality of value (importance); or about topics venturing toward a cohering of living importances at large scale.

But saying that is merely to indicate easily my interest in ultimate cohering, which
has been the legacy of philosophy, and is ultimately open (post-metaphysicalist).
The better senses of interest in ultimate cohering don’t transpose into the five heuristic Areas below. Even the convenience here of “merely to indicate” is pragmatic: for useful prefacing.

How to best prospect furthermore is evolving.


a 5-fold sense of site
    enjoying, pursuing, enabling, causing, and adapting






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