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gary e. davis
August 2021

The drama of daily humanity is All we are. That is, the entirety of humanity is implicated in the days
of global drama. Or lack of drama. Ultimately, I’m enjoying life.

daze of our lives: a sense of the Area -|- February 2019
    The more I understand about emergent events, the more that perpetual uncanniness of It All keeps me humbly challenged to live graciously with feeling that large-scale cohering is never to be tenably sustained.
days go by -|- August 2021
    This is a category of the “being in Time” Area that will accumulate senses of ephemerality. Some items may become part of othe projects, which is noted at the top of the item’s page.
one dramatic episode of Our evolving -|- March 2020
    Interplay between the astronomy community and indiginous Hawaiians can be read as an epochal allegory.
futuring -|- Sept 2020
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    What’s another broken refugee? -|- July 2019

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