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gary e. davis  
December 15, 2014

This is the same page as the October-dated version, except that I’ve added an opportune link about Ebola in the earlier third paragraph (now the fourth). The implicit idea is human development through progressive financial engineering. Critical Moments are not only tragedies, but also opportunities of public attention for instituting durable preventions, human development, and problem-solving capability. When this site area really gets going, all of this narrative will disappear, making this a page of only bulleted topics.

This area of the site was supposed to begin September, 2013. The intense Syria Event was an opportune occasion. But events of mid-September (I forget what) caused me to postpone it. So, the “Syria Event” page is less than it might be. The climate change page lists some recent postings. That will get more attention soon because I’m very interested in the UN Climate Agreement process.

----Syria Event January / May 2014

----climate change May 2014

Presently, this “critical moment” page is more about site structuring than about usefully focusing on key events. But there are many events that especially get my attention (as obsessive archiver of news), apart from my tracking of personal interests. As of today, there are 30 folders to work with. Where to begin?!

My sense of leading events enacts my purview, as a standard journalism editor does daily; but I’m interested in multi-year scale. For example, emergence of the so-called “Internet of things” comes to mind because I’ve mentioned it recently in a posting. But most interesting is what’s not expected! For example, the Ebola Event exemplifies Our learning curve on pandemic preparation—a global Act in Our evolving (learning how “to build a system that would truly protect the world from an even more devastating pandemic”—which is more interesting to me than the ephemeral management of this particular viral tragedy of an African region (which is heartrending).

I’ll note what’s new here via my home page. I don’t expect to find time for this site section soon, because there are only 24 hours in a day, and I want to do conceptual work. Yet, conceptual prospecting is specious if not born from life, Our world, of course.





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