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    being in Time
gary e. davis
May 2016  

ethos of contemporaneity / cultivating humanity / planetary commons / progressive life

A slight update of “American humanity” is the only change here since Sept. 2015.

This will eventually be the largest area of this website, probably (given the volume of topics I’m growing). It’s a gathering place for my views based on journalism and for follow-up from blog postings.

But current events easily outstrip any thoughtful effort to write in light of them, obsessed as I am with The News every day. But over time, this will become a large area of the site. The area is for my sense of useful focus on unquestionably important issues.

  September 29, 2015
  being historic
    The global species strives to make history, then to practically remember having done so.
This is a preface to furthering the healthy regions project. Global work of Our evolving is
perhaps only renderable as risky work of art. Call it a conception of telesis?
  May 27, 2016
  American humanity
    President Obama speaks exactly and well for the political humanism of the “American” Idea.
He did so at the UN, Sept. 2015, and in Hiroshima, May 27, 2016.
  December 16, 2014
  critical moment
    What’s bad for flourishing of our humanity? (This area hasn’t really begun yet, but there’s something there. My childish question has many decades behind it.)



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