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        American humanity
gary e. davis  
May 27, 2016

I’ve long wanted to begin this topic. I wasn’t ready to do so, September 2015, but I saw no better baseline for beginning than to extract progressive themes from President Obama’s address to the UN General Assembly. So, I linked to a copy of it—but didn’t go further, except to note that the middle of his presentation was particularly relevant: middle of p. 11 (“And finally,...”) through the top third of p. 13 (“...governments can reflect this goodness”).

Today in Hiroshima, president Obama remembered the dead. His “remarks” are greatly relevant to what I want to do with a sense of American humanity. But today, I’ve only made time for a brief comment, with a link to a copy of Obama’s presentation.

Later, I’ll make a discussion here which is more than praising Obama’s sense of humanity.
I want to involve an historical sense of political humanism and an “American” notion of humanity that reflects the multi-ethnic and trans-ethnic globality that the U.S. intends to be. My ultimate interest is to prospect enriched notions of humanistic union beyond what I sketched some years ago.




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