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        “humanistic union”?
gary e. davis
October 20, 2007

There’s the European Union and the Russian Union and the African Union. There’s the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Organization of American States, the North American Free Trade Agreement area, NATO, the UN, the WTO, and whatall else. But, in the emotional wake of a strong tsunami or vastly homicidal crime, there’s a sense of humanistic union throughout the global village.

Imagine the union as easily sustainable, thriving planetarily, across generations, for the sake of human development, for the sake of enhancing humanity as primordial human value. Glimmers of that show in modernizing educational values, cultural vitality, philanthropy, progressive investment, and social entrepreneurship. But we might find an idealized telos there—a “wisdom of the crowd” of cultural investors—an evolving sense of humanistic union.

A sense of this might last longest when—laugh now—the S.E.T.I. succeeds. But the wane would return then, too, though more slowly.

One might despair to think that humanity needs a periodic crisis to awaken an overtly shared sense of universality. The global warming issue is now gaining some universal traction, but as a negative solidarity in the face of shared impending disaster, not as an instituting of planetary union oriented to enhancing humanity by well-formed global dissolution of greenhouse effects.

So, this blog isn’t a pollyannish expectation about the future. It’s a place for this American Earthling to appreciate current events relative to an idea.

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