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gary e. davis
October 11, 2020
As lives lead themselves—so much individuality, so diverse the ethnicities, so innumer-able the kinds of careers—so goes interpersonal life.

As such life goes, so goes neighborhoods and organizations. As such life goes, so goes community, metros, regions, inter-regionality, continentality, and global networks.

Prospecting it all (or analytically regarding it all) easily suggests a trope of fractal relationalites, such that conceptual prospecting may be basically isomorphic: as globally implicative as it may be immanently attuned.

Humanism is isomorphically personist (selfidentical) and planetary. Graciousness in all of one’s day is isomorphic with soft power in global affairs. Privacy (“sovereignty” of a life) is isomorphic with the condition of nations for curbing “global” warming, i.e., only relatively autonomous.

Scalar implicature of our values, priorities, concerns, etc. must be constitutive for mind-fulness. Being “environmental” is an ecosphericality that scales from ephemeral self reflection to governmental formation of public policy.

The iconic image of Earth from the moon, in the black vacuum, shows where heaven is
to be—to be well, “paying forward” the gifts of our ancestors by investing the credits we’ve borrowed from Our unborn children for the sake of bettering their futurity.

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