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gary e. davis
August 31, 2013

My project on “humanistic union” was trying to prospect a bridge between a post-Aristotelian-like approach (e.g., Nussbaum/Sen) and Habermasian, though that’s not explicit in the project. Yet, it pertains to anything in Habermas’s work relating to ethical life, individuation, well-being, cultural psychology, or dyspepsia toward communitarians.

It’s also pretending to reach a non-academic audience, which is why I may seem at times like an Esalen Institute member writing to UNESCO.

How are we to understand a validity of concepts like “human spirit” beyond supernaturalism?

I have no problem with that, nor with writing floridly, as much of my writing life is implicitly begging questions of what terms are better or fair, and what can well-formedness in figurative language be? This is a normal concern in academic rhetoric or for a journal like Philosophy & Rhetoric (but I’m more psycholiterary than they are, I think:); or an implicit quest to work between philosophy, literary theory, and psychology.

The 10 pages of the project are a re-posting of the entirety of a blog I haven’t continued, though I’ve linked to some of the postings a lot, in other online writing. The blog turned out to have come to its closure September, 2009, as its themes have been detailed in further work, which I’ll eventually put online. And I’m retiring the blog.

The prospective ethos here has been vital to my work of the past few years—time passes so quickly!— it’s almost saddening. Anyway, the prospective ethos here remains directly relevant to my interest in future appropriation of Habermas's work (accurately understood, I hope).

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