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        humanistic union as evolving project
gary e. davis
January 13, 2008

Developing the notion of humanistic union vis-à-vis an evolving project would be great fun. But I’ll largely leave that to your imagination, for now.

[As I indicated earlier, the “humanistic union” pages are presently from a blog that I ceased developing. It included a link to an “evolving project” oriented around Habermasian interests. I finished that project, but chose a subset of its discussions for this Website, which is the page of “discursive stances” that the above link references.]

That project calls for lots of elaboration, though I’m confident about its conceptuality—its realistic idealism (pragmatism). A political ethic of humanistic union can substantially complement that project. But this blog will gradually focus on some current events, relative to its own interest, whereas the evolving project is deliberately a conceptual endeavor (though this, so far, is, too—but not as a matter of regular focus, just in beginning). This project is properly separate from its complement, rather than an extended feature of the evolving project that then gets supplemented and supplemented.....

So, I want to emphasize that a political ethic of humanistic union is no dwelling in unrealistic idealism. My interest is to show practical integration with usual features of progressive life, including progressive education, government, and economics. “Mobilizing to save civilization” requires a kind of leadership that may practically design ecological democracy and innovate for a sustainable economy.

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