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gary e. davis
  October 2003 / June 2014
  from creative reason to health of nations
    This last part of the “Habermas and Truth” series provides an approach to Habermas’s theory of action, 2003, that prevailed in later years, for discussions below, but now also in light of later years.
  November 2004 / February 2007
  “theory” and “practice”
    that old love song redux, but now let’s get realistic.
  November 2004
  policy: the concept
    From living well by design to designing good government
  November 2004 / July 2007
  well-being and public policy
    some programmatic notes on doing theory as practice
  November 2004
  on “evolving”
    It’s where and what we are, as the world turns all at once.
  June 2017
  Habermas and the “our evolving” blog
    Years of engagement with online discussion through postings that couldn’t be revised caused me to do more and more blogging, in coordination with my postings to the Yahoo Groups-based platform; then, eventually going my own way. Here, I discuss that in some detail.
  March 2006
  pragmatics of justification
    how to be a Habermasian beyond Habermas (son of Habermas
without Bloomian “anxiety of influence”) | related: “A Brief Sense of an American Pragmatism
  August 2006
  primer on Islam, democratic development, and philosophy
    pursuing a theory <-> policy <-> activism interface
  April 2007 / November 2008
  appeal of discursive deliberation
    deliberative appeal of discursive potentials through Internet media. (My 2008 revising is ostensibly unrelated to Obama’s recent success, yet..)
  May 2007
  Habermas and the market for ideas
    going with The Flow
  July 2008
  “post-secularity” as just modern humanism
    This is part of my engagement (largely through the Habermas discussion e-mail list) with Habermas’s concern for “religion in the public sphere,” here engaged with his notion of post-secularity.
  July 2008 / May 2014
  religiously-motivated programs and broadly-public goods
    The U.S. is in the throes of the “Yes, We can!” presidential election. Yet, the synergy led to an outstanding feature of the Obama administration (noted here).
  May 2014
  Habermas and the EU
    Habermas’s campaign for EU integration provides great opportunity for thinking about good “integration,” vertically (between levels) as well as laterally (across same-level regions).
  October 2007
  Habermas and “political world society”: a sympathetic critique
    Finalization of the European Union treaty caused me to read Habermas’ essay, “A political constitution for the pluralist world society?” in terms of that event.
  May 2014
    What is needed for transnational relations that we don’t already have, that needs to be made to work better?

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