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gary e. davis
January 6, 2016


April 4, 2017: This page is now archival.

A keynote of what I’m doing I call ”conceptual prospecting,” fondly thought sometimes as conceptual gardening, though the trope easily seems frivolous; it’s not: Good gardening is serious business; a research mathematician might happily endorse the notion. So, I could also call the fun “conceptual topology” (but I don’t), whereby its applied (appropriated) space might be call discursive topography. But here, it’s just “prospecting...

Items here, projects born “...before 2012,” are so far merely several that can be especially useful going forward. I expect to list more, but it’s not a priority, except inasmuch as I later realize that something passed is good for wayfaring “furthermore” (at my home page). I have many years of blogging from elsewhere, some of which will become part of “our evolving,” which may cause that blog to grow back in calendar dating to 1997, as well as forward; I haven’t decided what to transfer.

The “humanistic union” journal will get revision and amplification soon, but it’s a creature of its time that I’m wanting to let be. I love it, like one may love an era of their life: integral to moving on. Yet, its themes will be integral to a sense of post-religious humanism that is involved with a lot of 21st century materials, beyond the reservations about humanism expressed by Heidegger, 1946.

I feel close to closure on “Habermasian studies” for near-term years, but there are many tens of pages of material (maybe hundreds—who knows, with digital files, including discussion group posts going back to 1997) that I could take time to transpose into useful presentation, in view of others’ interest. Also, many essays by him will one day be appropriated into my project. And I want to give lots of fair attention to Postmetaphysical Thinking II, which is supposed to be available in English later this year.

Discursive reading” was intended for a reader who is unfamiliar with hermeneutical talk. But it’s not an expository introduction to hermeneutics; it’s my own agenda. Yet, it’s a hermeneutical agenda that is not intended to be conceptually demanding. (Maybe I’m misleading myself there.) I do play with language (e.g., “ensiting”), but maybe I’m not too confounding. I want to re-think that excursion, but in the meantime, it may be useful to others. Probably, it should remain as something belonging to 2007.

Though “Heidegger studies” as online project was not begun before 2012, his main work has been integral to me since 1971. The area was more or less shelved for the near term (July 15, 2014), but has developed substantially this summer, beyond the Facebook project, which is several years old.

Material that I have had for years, readily applicable for carrying on here, would easily make a book (or two). I’m more interested in the 21st century in light of influences. Retrospective writing feels like a luxury for later years.

I’m beginning an “Appropriations” section, which names a place for whatever I feel like doing that draws substantially (though probably not admittedly) on work done years back, oriented by a sense of philosophy as progressive conceptual appropriativity. For example, “toying with the intellectual” is oriented by recent concerns about a longstanding area of interest, implicitly drawing on desire to further my sense of Appropriative philosophy, but tending to do so in terms of others’ recent material.

Anyway, this page is an endless work-in-progress. I’ll keep you posted.


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